Candidate for the Darwin Awards?

His mother is fcuking stinking.
Dylan's mother Samantha said:
We would never let fireworks in the house and we know now how dangerous they can be'. She added: 'We never thought that he would do something fccking stupid like this in the house, the dull Geordie cnut
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I think it would have qualified for a DA if he had kept it in his mouth, or at least shoved it down the front of his breeks.
Blimey, Black Cat bangers were knocking around when I was a kid. I stuck a lit one in a mate's jeans back pocket once and it just blew the pocket clean off. We used to put them in jars with gravel and petrol, never did us any harm. We had to chuck a bloke in the canal when he fucked up chucking a petrol bomb though!
And no photos of the girlfriend. The Wail fails again.


What about this boner:


Decided to swim to a whale carcass while the local sharks were having lunch off it. And then sit on it.
There's been no follow up to say he fell off, so technically he doesn't qualify (yet.)

"Mr Williams told the Daily Mail Australia that ‘the whale looked in distress and I tried to help it. But clearly I was too late.’"
No shit.

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