Candidate confused about Regiment

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Hi all

Currently a candidate for reserves. My local unit is Infantry with a Field Hospital Detachment. I was looking to join either Signals or RLC. So I attend my local barracks for my recruitment talk and they basically said I can't do RLC but I can do Signals as they have an attachment there however the only way I can join them is to join Infantry, do ITC at Catterick and then do the Signals training. This is obviously another kettle of fish and although my fitness is improving greatly to join, it's not at infantry level yet as was a bit of an unexpected level. As much as I hugely respect this role, I have to be realistic about what level I can train to and also sustain to be useful.

They said they are no longer taking Medics for their Coy as they are full.

The majority of medics at this barracks are female. Does this mean they all did their Infantry training to be able to attach themselves as Medics at this barracks? I can't believe they all managed that fitness level..... I had a female infantry warn me that they are just aiming to get the figures up and if they can get another female in the Infantry for their stats, they won't always tell you the full options available. Whether this is true I don't know but I don't want to be told this is my only option and fail my assessment centre for Infantry on the fitness issue etc.

I've been told I can't be at their barracks unless I take this route and it's 5 mins from home yet any other is over 1.5 hour away minimum, most of which are also Infantry and same issue. So not many options.

I randomly came across a YouTube video of a woman who recently applied as a reserve to to be a medic, is looking to join her local Rifles unit and be attached to them. However she said she only had to reach the fitness level of a medic, not the fitness level for Rifles/Infantry to be able to be in their unit.

I'm not able to attend my barracks due to Covid to have a proper discussion with someone but last time I spoke to them, it was Infantry or nothing and I was quite surprised. Can I not join their attached Signals unit and be attached to them without the infantry ITC route?

Any clarity on how this all works would be amazing help as I am not sure I am understanding the difference etc. Thanks.
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