Candid View of a USMC Officer of British Military Prowess

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. I just got this email from a young USMC captain who I have mentored. He is in a USMC special operations unit and visited the UK recently for some briefings. It seems the current crop of Brit military (in this case bootnecks) is maintaining the same high standards I recall from my exchange tour in the 1970s!

    Here is his description:

  2. Ah, right. So he didn't meet the serious drinkers then!

    Having said that, all of HM Forces bar the teetotallers are alkies by US service / UCMJ standards. Never mind your in-theatre rules. Which just drive people to illegal drinking.

    It's actually having alcohol in beer that makes the difference. Your micro-breweries are beginning to educate the populace :)
  3. What you said. Although I am now a teetotaler myself, I recall the rueful day in the mid 80s when our own culture was changed by the stroke of a pen and we saw the MPs queuing up just outside car park to the officer and SNCO clubs at 2200 on Friday nights waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting patrons.
  4. 2200 hrs?!? That ain't natural! :omg: :omfg: A chap should be allowed at least until 2400 hrs to get a little neck oil down before the publican calls time! :p I remember blissful nights sleeping it off in the car with not so much as an MP's night-stick rapping on the window to disturb my repose. :p The kids don't have it as good as we did in the old days. :cry:

  5. I belonged to an Irish Reg. and we enjoyed our drink,especially the alcoholic variety. :D Wouldn't have wanted to have been in your Navy,DRY whilst paddling your canoe! :? We wouldn't have lasted 5mins!
  6. JJH, what're the thoughts on such British Forces drinking games as "naked bar", "swamping in-situ" and "naked roll-mat jousting". Did your erstwhile pupil mention these delights? If he didn't, he's either hiding something or he was not fully embedded, so to speak.

    Even though my alcohol consumption is now drastically reduced, Cheers!!!
  7. I enjoyed some hydraulic 'hands across the ocean brother' informal hospitality in the USN CPOs' Mess in Mayport a few years back (I believe the O Club was either dead or demolished so the invite extended to Officers and Seniors). Hoofing evening, serving and retired USN and USMC into their 70s, well oiled and no sign of the spoil sports with the armbands at 2359 or whenever ungodly hour the bar staff called time. It was also a big promotion day so there were a few brand new E7s getting wood at being called 'Chief' for the first time.

    Previous experience of the USN/USMC attitude to beer was very much 'never on a school night' unless you had the constitution of a concrete elephant and had pictures of the old man pulling his pud to gay porn.
  8. Now that sounds like the Army I remember, in Germany we would start the day with a run, breakfast, area cleaning then normal day time stuff like painting 432's again, sorting track pads bit more phys. By tea time normally a bit tired so eat quick, iron your kit for the next day then bed. To good to be true? Well yes! back up for 1030 pm shower then a quick spray of twinkle twat and on it in Celle then to the Black Horse in Burgdorf great night by 4am hammered and the least drunk got to drive back. Then up at 6am and start again every day what a laugh.
  9. Haven't you heard? At least for now, we adhere to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
    Back in the days of my mis-spent youth as a squaddie and subaltern, especially in the fleshpots of Olongapo City, Taipei, Hong Kong, Sasebo and Bangkok (sigh), we indeed had numerous alcohol-lubed games but I think (as best I can recall through the haze of time and drink) we drew the line at keeping our clothing on-at least most of it.

    The games to which you refer, like so many other things British, can only be done by Brits (and as memory serves, their Commonwealth cousins the ANZACs) without the participants being considered "alternate lifestylers." Yet another reminder that our common language (sort of) and historical connections go just so far in similarity. For example, few self-respecting American men would ever be seen in society wearing a pink shirt or mixing plaids, stripes, dots, pastels, etc. all in one ensemble.
  10. Fixed that for you :D
  11. Hmph! Clearly lack of effort on their part! :)
  12. Many thanks...I did fail to account for Florida (or California).
  13. well as lack of imagination and a sense of "adventure."
  14. jumpingjarhead wrote

    Are you sure? One of the many.

    I'd understand (ish) if he was on the pi55 but he's shopping FFS and not necessarily light on his feet. Indeed he looks like he's eaten his shopping already. According to the interweb, these adventurers muster in Walmart. To be fair to jumpingjarhead, Walmart may not count as 'society'.

    Link previously posted (once or twice). Safe for work but keep a sick bag handy.
  15. According to Snopes, this is a vicious attempt of the British to malign Americans with a "false flag" black op. The person in the pic is actually one of THEM (note the sunglasses to avoid the need for the ubiquitous black bar Photoshopped afterward to hide his identity) who relied on his native instincts for sartorial taste from having been born and raised in Slough.