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I'm heading to Cancun with a few mates soon and am looking for heads up from anyone who has been. What are the general do's and dont's? For 2 weeks all inclusive, realistically how much spending money should I take? I've heard with all the clubs etc you pay an entry fee and get a free bar. What bars/clubs are good?

Also, is it best to take dollars, peso or a combination of both?

Any other tips or advice is welcome!

A "must do" is to visit as many Cancun restaurants as you can. There are literally hundreds of wonderful establishments to dine and drink at, in both the Cancun Hotel Zone and Downtown Cancun, which is known as Centro.

There are dozens of famous Cancun clubs in the Party Center area, located around Kilometer 9 near the Convention Center. You should not miss visiting Centro, around the Palapas Park neighborhood. The specific street you should visit at night is known as Avenida (Av.) Yaxchilan. There are dozens of great restaurants and cantinas with live music between Av. Uxmal and Sunyachen.

Since you are traveling in the summer, you should take advantage of the opportunity to do a tour that is not offered during any other time of year. The swim with whale sharks puts you in the water along side the worlds largest fish. Don't worry, they don't bite people, but they are super sized! For a lot more info on this Cancun tour, visit:

I like this company because they not only display their license number on their website, but they also offer a liberal rescheduling and cancelation policy. These are never availbable when booking tours through the resorts, and is a great thing when reserving a tour in advance.

For spending money, it depends on if you are staying at an All-Inclusive resort where your food and beverages are included and pre-paid for in the price of the room, or European Plan (room only) resort. I recommend you plan on spending, not bringing, $100 US per day at an AI resort. and $150 per day at a European Plan resort. You can bring some cash, whatever denomination you want, and convert it when you are at your resort or at a local bank. There are ATMs at the shopping malls and most resorts, which you can use a major bank card, however you should check on the transaction fees before you travel. It has always been my experience that credit cards are quite easy to use and offer the best exchange rates, because they base the rate on the most favorable one during that particular billing cycle. With all this said, plan on bringing a few days of cash but protect yourself by bringing traveler's checks and credit cards.

I hope this is all helpful and you have a wonderful time. Feel free to post more questions.

Have fun planning your vacation in paradise,
Been there twice and if I could, it would be twice every year.

Have a mix of small denomination pesos and the rest US dollars. The amount of money is entirely up to you. Someone who has been there before and done most of the trips could easily get by on less than £500 for a two week stay. One trip that is worth doing repeatedly is the trip to Isla Mujeres. Fantastic day out to a nearby island with food, drinks, snorkelling all included in the price. For someone not been before the amount of money required is pretty much down to the amount of trips you do.

Make use of the buses as opposed to the taxis. The road is pretty much one straight road with the buses back n forwarding all day. Dirt cheap, hence my reference to having small denomination pesos. Have a look on the net for a map of the hotel zone and identify the hotel with the KM point as the road is divided up into Kilometre points to further help where you are.

You can easily find the big clubs on the net, make a night for Coco Bongos. All are easily got to and the main ones have a sort of rotation system with the hotels so you never feel you're missing out. Similar to the English Brewery tie ins, most places in Cancun are tied into just the one local brew. In my experience of the Caribbean the Mexican beers are first class. Think Corona, Dos Equis(XX) and Sol. Pay a fee to get in and drinks are included. Although not necessary a tip to the wandering waiters will make them appreciate your presence more.

Drugs are out there with cocaine and grass being the seemingly drug of choice. Avoid any interaction with the street dealers. Just smile and walk on and you'll be all right.

Anything else, fire away.
braveheart said:

I'm heading to Cancun with a few mates soon and am looking for heads up from anyone who has been. What are the general do's and dont's? For 2 weeks all inclusive, realistically how much spending money should I take? I've heard with all the clubs etc you pay an entry fee and get a free bar. What bars/clubs are good?

Also, is it best to take dollars, peso or a combination of both?

Any other tips or advice is welcome!

you might also want to try

Get yourself over to Isle Majoures - the ferry takes about 15 minutes. Great place to go and see the dolphins, sharks etc... also some nice beaches and some trinket shops for the presents...

Senior Frogs is a good laugh - think we paid $10 and it was drink all you can - you get plastic cups/yards of ale. Still have 2 at home.

Apart from that just walk behind any of the fit yank 18-25 year olds.... they were everywhere when we went and fair doo's they put out something cronic. I was banged all over the show by 1 rather lively youngster - they seem to go for the accents.. which was nice!

edited to add that the 18 - 25 year olds were female as no doubt some cnut will take the urine!
All inclusive packages in Cancun are a bit of a waste. You will find that there are loads of good, cheap bars and restaurants around. If going as a family, AI may be worthwhile but you will end up staying there for all meals and drinks (because you've already paid for them) and miss out on some marvellous places. Senor Frogs, Pat O'Briens (like the one in New Orleans) tons of restaurants catering for the septics (so portions are huge and excellent value) plus the show they have on in some of the bars. With AI you will tend to miss out.
Try to get a place by the hotel zone (but not too far along the top road, by the bend is the ideal place) or back towards the golf course because they are the ones that have loads of places within walking distance. Downtown Cancun is worth looking at because the hotels are generally cheaper. Buses shoot up and down between downtown and the hotel zone all the time and race each other to get to a bus stop first!
Isla Mujeres is well worth a day out and try and get some snorkelling trips out to the reef.
Enjoy and I hope the beaches are sorted out since the recent hurricanes. I was there last about 3 years ago and stayed on the Riviera Maya that time because the Cancun beaches were in a terrible state. Should be OK now, though.
Dont carry loads of money with you cause the police will stop you and take everything off you and you aint got a leg to stand on, dont go down any alleys with some bird you just met again the police will wait for you some of the lads on the tropical storm exercises found this out during their R&R $450 later and a night in the cells. However aside from that what a place its great coco bongos, senor froggies, bulldogs and the irish bar were great places to go and a nice little food place called BUBBA GUMPs fantastic food, loads of trips during the day but sorry didnt go on any was recovering from the night before then into the pool about midday and stand at the pool bar until the night started again. Fan F***ing Tastic. The buses are an experience they race each other down the road very scary but fun, speak to Al from britsincancun he will give you a discount card so you can get cheap stuff and he will tell you the in places to go and also may help if you need other stuff as help with the authorities
I spent my honeymoon there. It's the most glorious place I have ever been. If you're staying at an all inclusive place you're not going to need a whole lot of money. $500 (U.S. Dollars) should be more than enough. I would defiantly go to Chichen Itza and any other tour that is offered. The people in Cancun are very polite, the booz flows like water, and the food is fantastic! Don't worry you'll have a great time.

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