Hi all, if someone who has just been operated on for bowel cancer has been told post-op that the cancer has spread to the liver, what is the prognosis and if bad what would the flash to bang time be :cry:


F*ck me Dave, you don't start with the easy ones do you?

Listen mate, I would be seeking professional advice if I were you. You'll get loads of sympathy and understanding here on arrse mate, but what you won't get is the answer you want.

Best of luck
What a bloody cruel disease. My heart goes out to anyone afflicted by it.

Sincerely yours
I don't think anybody here could answer that question with any accuracy. Only the oncologist in overall charge of the treatment will know and I don't think they will discuss the likely outlook unless asked.
As said above everyone is different! so the prognosis would be different for everyone.
My uncle sadly was diagnosed with the same condition, cancer spreading from the bowel to the liver, sadly he past away a week ago!
But you really cannot give accurate info on it, as each individual is different!!
I hope everything works out ok, thoughts with who ever has been given the news!!!
My uncle had exactly the same thing (bowel spread to liver). The docs offered him a second round of chemo - but as it would only prolong his life not save it, he decided not to do it. He lived for over another year, but in quite poor health towards teh end.

Hope whoever you know gets on alright, chemo may work a second time round for them. My uncle left it too long before going to the doctor (they told him he had piles and he left it at that despite the continuing pain).
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