Cancer fight soldier dies after battle with NHS bosses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. It's appalling that he wasn't given the drug when he first needed it and then had to change his doctor to an area where he could get it.

    Rest in Peace Mark. My condolences to your family.
  2. Blame the drug companies.
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  3. RIP!

    For what reason should we blame the drug companies, jarrod?
  4. For making drugs more expensive than NICE will pay or perhaps the drug wasn't cost effective.
  5. £21k to prolong a man's life: Not cost effective

    £30k to send 171 NHS managers to a conference during NHS Equality, Diversity & Human Rights Week so they can celebrate their transgender staff: Fully cost effective.

    NHS launches 'diversity week' with transgender art - Telegraph

    We did not elect a Tory government to continue this bullshit from where Labour left it.
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  6. I was wondering why there was the gay pride rainbow flag up at my local hospital a
  7. month of two ago! well i hope they are sitting happy knwing what a brilliant use their 30 grand went to.
  8. Ah OK. But if the drug was too expensive where this poor chap lived, can you tell me why it wasn't too expensive 15 miles away. I am genuinely interested. Maybe you could start another thread so as not to divert this one? Thanks.
  9. I agree, sadly we do not have a tory government, we have a Liberal/Conservative government and it does seem that the Liberals like some of what Labour did.
    However, this is the fault of NHS management that Labour put into place some time ago and they of course are lining their own pockets before they feel the cuts.
    Has anyone brought this to the attention of the PM?
  10. RIP Mark, and the NHS should be thoroughly ashamed.
  11. I started a thread last year about this and a petition to get Mark the treatment he needed.

    Jarrod did his best to kill that thread as well the sanctimonious ****.

    Apparently last time it wasn't blame the drug companies it was contra-indicated and Jarrod knew far better than the consultant who was treating Mark. I really can't understand why nurses aren't paid more than the top of the range doctors, they apparently know so much more.

    There should be no post code lotteries and no-one should be forced to lie to try to save their life. This episode is a stain on our Nation and an absolute disgrace.

    As for the cost of drugs, very often that is down to the cost of bringing them to market. When a molecule is first isolated then the patent is applied for. The patent lasts twenty years but it'll take a minimum of ten years to get the finished drug on the market leaving a mere ten years for the drug companies to recoup the enormous cost of bringing that drug to the market and develop other drugs. Don't blame the manufacturers blame the 20 year patents.
  12. I hope the people who made these decisions about drug availability reflect on this item of sad news as they lie writhing and screaming in pain with cancer or something equally nasty and painfully fatal.
  13. MIT,
    Thanks for jogging my memory I didn't try to kill the thread. I simply pointed out why the drug wasn't licenced in this case.