Cancer fear over new army radio sets

Interesting Article from the Times on BOWMAN

A new British army radio produces such high levels of radiation that soldiers are being issued with health guidelines warning them not to stand nearby when it is in use for fear of cancer

..... it goes on to say...

tests of the 2 BILLION Bowman system which is being trialled to replace the armys ageing Clansman system have found levels of radiation can exceed safe levels.
Soldiers are being told not to loiter within 6ft of radio vehicles when they are in use, the guidelines also warn soldiers who need to be near the sets for long periods not to use them on full power... (good idea there!) :wink:

Anyhow it goes on ending with this .....

The radio has also been found to be too heavy for use in standard army land rovers. After other complaints including headsets not fitting over helmets and the programming system being too inflexible for combat use troops joke that Bowman stood for BETTER OFF WITH A MAP AND NOKIA

Big hand to the MOD again, and they wonder why the defence white paper says they cant afford to keep running the forces at its already understrengthed capacity...
Old news, given a spicy twist by the Times Journo.

Did they mention how hot it allegedly gets?

Come on Sloping , get in here :D
The old C11/C13HP installations had big red stickers on telling you not to get too close to the antennas.

Wonder if there were headlines then too?
Can't see what the problem is. The CLANSMAN series gives you cancer as well because by the time you found your BATCO wallet, found the correct sheet, decoded the thing, got the silly sod who sent it to check his encryption, got the right answer and then ignored the order anyway, I've smoked half a packet of Malboros.

Cancer... ha. What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

Mr Happy

So instead of getting the Nig to hold the antenna while I operate the prestle to give him a burn I can now site two masts either side of the officers mess and give every bally pip and crown a red face.... Hmmmm.
Mmmm - Crap Spy. You sound like you might have a hand in this one?!

Surely this now gives Radops an excuse to inflict electrical burns withuout facing a Courts Martial - like in the good ole days?
I'm not involved in BOWMAN, I never have been. What's BOWMAN anyway.

Apparently the DPA are all to blame, it's their fault I tell you!!
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