Cancer and the army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Batmansbatman, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last November. I've had surgery and am currently undergoing Chemo. I should hopefully make a good recovery. Im still serving and am looking to soldier on but am wondering how likely it is with not having a large intestine anymore and if anyone with a similar tale could help. Look forward to the answers / abuse I'll no doubt receive.
  2. No idea, been out too long ~ but good luck with the treatment and future

    abuse to follow no doubt!
  3. Haven't got a clue either but good luck on getitng through it. Resisting the temptation for abuse as it's not the NAAFI...
  4. .
    **** knows, but you'll be able to milk it for all it's worth when you go back. "BB why wasn't this done/PFT/AFT passed/Spreadsheet filled in/MPAR served/Vehicle serviced when I asked you to do it?" "Not sure Sir, I've been off with the old cancer" "Oh ... I'm so sorry ... I'll blame someone else then" "Yeah cheers sucker".
  5. What's horoscopes got to do with the army Mon ami ?
  6. Have you asked the medics?
  7. Brufin and a tubi grip issued as standard!
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  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    If you havent had a colostomy and you dont develop any food intolerances or get overconstipated due to loss of large bowel then there is no reason to force a medical discharge on you. Many recover total fitness.

    You have my best wishes, and the survival rate for bowel cancer is pretty good, end even better, you wont be told "Get yer hair cut" whilst you are on chemotherapy.
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  9. Thats a shit call, but good luck with the treatment, now get your friggin haircut and show after O/O rounds.
  10. Take 2 paracetamol every 4 hrs (not more than 8 in 24 hrs) and if its no better in the morning report sick and come and see me. Medicine and duties.
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  11. Being over constipated was sops on exercise when I was in, you could do a good wind up though, pull out a " boil in the bag" liver & onions, pretend its your colostomy bag and open it up and then chow down on it, then watch your mates spew!

    Good luck to the op, hats off to you soldiering on.