Cancelling a Sky Contract

Hello everyone.

I live in SSSA and have done so for the last 3 years, unfortunatley i am due to be posted back to my Unit and to the real world!

6 months ago i took a Sky contract out, after being told i would have at least another 1 year in my current posting. I don't fancy paying 6 months worth of sky payments if i cant watch it.

The flat i'm in is being taken over by a Civvie and he does not want it, Before i speak to Sky to ask if they will bin it for free does anyone have any ideas or inside info i can use.

Thanks in advance.


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when I used to work for NTL the minimum contract term was 12 months - they might hold you to it, they might not. like anything, start by asking nicely and explaining the situation - you catch more flies with sugar than you do vinegar. the bottom line is you have taken out a contract for that time - any leeway in that will be at their discretion.
It's £60 for them to move your dish to a new place, is there a reason you don't want to take it with you? They wouldn't let someone else 'take over' your contract anyway, the new tenant would have to start their own.

I'm fairly sure that if you're moving somewhere you can't get sky, they'll not charge you, that might be an angle you could use? I know Virgin Media waived cancellation charges for a friend when they moved to an area they couldn't supply.
The "posted" part is your get out of jail free card; Sky has a policy of being forces friendly. They have a clause where you can suspend your account if you're away on ops and you should be able to cancel it for free as well if it's because of something HMG is making you do.

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On a similer note. I'm out the country for the next 6 months + ditching the pad also.

Are sky gonna chase me if I cancel my direct debits and explain I'm moving out and leaving the country?

Civvy though so none of this forces friendly shizer

The key is that now doubt I'll be sniffing for another contract in the future and don't want to "burn" them
Phone them up, explain the situation. See what happens.

Most companies tend to allow you to cancel the contract (sometimes for free, sometimes for a percentage of the cost) if you provide evidece (ie the posting order).

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