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Cancelled Leave and Holidays

(I have been a civi since May - thank goodness). My old unit were sent to Bosnia in March this year, before they got back were told that their 4 weeks of POTL was indefinately postponed as they were on the Firemen's Strike.

Many many soldiers had to cancel expensive holidays their families/girlfriends/boyfriends had been looking forward to for months.

They did get some Christmas leave and were then told they would get "ring-fenced" "set in stone" 3 weeks leave in Feb before NI Trg, so they all rebooked their holidays..........only to be told last week to cancel them as their Comds Cadre had been brought forward.

To add insult to injury they still have not received compensation for the money they lost when they had to cancel their original holidays in October.

How long has it taken you to get paid for cancelled holidays and how much longer do you think we can continue to treat the Army like this?  Gulf War Mk 2 or no Gulk War Mk2


War Hero
I agree this is highly unsatisfactory and I know much is going on the background to reduce the impact on the soldiers in the unit concerned here. It is I am afraid, the result of an overstretched Army and whilst most of this overstretch can be minimised, there are some units inevitably who will be affected irrespective of the amount of juggling that goes on to reduce the impact on leave et al. The Army cannot control world events and whilst this is no comfort to the soldiers and families concerned, hopefully the Regiment will ensure that everyone will get their entitled leave in due course.

To answer your question re compensation & pre planned holidays; there is an allowance called the Nugatory Holiday Expenditure. This is where costs accrued in connection with planned holidays that have had to be cancelled due to essential Service reasons, can be claimed back. The pay office can advise but the time taken to claim back these expenses should only take a few weeks and certainly not months.
Compensation is all very well but there is also the matter of retention.....

The Government is shooting itself in the foot (with a gatling gun)  

How long can we keep up this "overstretch"? :(


Government only does reaction, can you think of anything they are pro-active about except their own pay & conditions?
when did they have the initiative to start a scheme before it is in danger zone and reported in the media.
Ramillies, I am sure there are many overworked Staff Officers doing their level best to minimize the impact of all the committments on units' leave but I think much of the problem is due to a complete cultural attitude in the Army.

I used to slag off crabs non stop......and still do but I do have a healthy respect for their robustness when putting their feet down when they are told to do something.  Their corporate reply is "we must have this, this and this...or else it doesn't happen.

I feel the Amry's chain of command is far to quick to say yes and then make it up as they go along, improvising as they go.

Also my opinion of the Navy went through the roof when CDS put Hoon in the Renoir, or is it Rembrandt.


A resettlement clerk told me that her pal in ******* Regt had rung her up with the news that being put on standby for the gulf after loosing POTL to Op Fiasco had finally put the nail in the coffin and the sign off figures would be 100 plus!

Nuff said


FTP - hope they put in for it before the warning order went out, I should imagine they will defer pvr's, for a few months anyway
The thing about the RAF is true.  Very clever people.  imaginary but clearly not far from the truth example follows:  

£600m pounds is allocated to the Army and the same to the RAF.  Money is to be used to build a new camp/base.  Army decides what the camp needs; accommodation, cookhouse, gym etc etc.  The cheapest option is bought in each case and the result is a complete but 'could be sooooo much better' camp.  The RAF spend the £600m on a twenty lane bowling alley, an olympic-size swimming pool, a hotel each for the officers and seniors and 'Z' type accom for the bods.... and exactly one tenth of the runway.  They then go back to the treasury complaining that they can't possibly declare the airfield operational until they get another £200m to finish off the runway.....

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