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This weekend I was due to begin my TAF3 course at Pirbright, my PSI booked me on the course about a month and a half ago (roughly). I was looking forward to getting this course out of the way so I can begin trade training and get more involved with the company.
I arrived at 2230 only to be told that the course had been cancelled a month ago, funny thing is I received my joining instructions last week.
When my Sergeant Major tried to find out why no one told us the course had been cancelled, there was no explanation to be found.

Is this sort of thing normal or a one off? I always thought the army was better organised than that.
Happens all the time - you just get used to it.

I was down for RSI at the School of I twice and both were cancelled leaving me with a two year wait til I actually got on it - and by then the course had changed as well. Promotion was up in the air but managed to get local rank for a while as I was doing the job anyway.

It's the same with exercises - some serials are written in only to be cancelled on the day due to another unit (usually the Crabs) letting you down. The upside is that it gets you ready for active service coz it happens too bloody regularly!


Lostnfound said:
Goku said:
Is this sort of thing normal or a one off? I always thought the army was better organised than that.
Yeah, it's always made me laugh when I hear people talking about "planning with military precision"
I would have at least thought that the powers that be could work out that sending joining instructions for a course that was cancelled a month ago is a little bit daft. :roll:
The JI's had probably been produced ages ago, at expense, and rather 'wasting' the money and having a load of useless JI's around they decided to mail them out... Except that added to the waste. Either that or the budget needs using up.
I've had a couple cancelled too. It's always the S0ds law, important trade course or promotion courses too.

Never the pointless admin sh1te that you didn't want to do in the first place. :?
Aye, I think the TA have decided that they'll no longer be using Pirbright as a venue for training - your unit should have been more clued up about that since it's been common knowledge in our squadron for a long time... As it is - I won't be getting a place on a course (I imagine you're talking about the 2 week courses) until September 24th (At Grantham). Get on that one and I'll see you there (in the E.Y green signals beret). :)


Redcap said:
Are we talking about the 2 week courses here or weekend modular courses?
I’m talking about the final course you have to do before you can start trade training. My company calls it TAF3, I’ve also heard it called “bridging the gap”, I’ve heard it called other names as well.
You have a choice of doing it in 10 days (or is that 2 weeks) or over 4 weekends.
I’m going to be doing it over weekends so it doesn’t interfere with work.
Ahha, Training GAP! You've done TAFS, you did your CMS(R)(TA), now you're on what I've just read is called CMS(R)(TA) Training Gap. Then onto trade trg with you!
Is it me..

Or is the system for training the new TA recuits hoorendously over complicated?


Jennie said:
Is it me..

Or is the system for training the new TA recuits hoorendously over complicated?
I have to agree with you, every time I talk to another recruit from another company it seams that they are being trained in a completely different way to me or in the same way but with different names for each stage of training.

This weekend I met a recruit who had been in for 6 months, he’d failed his RSW 3 times but was still allowed to come out with his company, wear uniform, and use a rifle. Now that really surprised me.


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Jennie -

Yes, it is horrendously complicated - I for one have been whinging about it since prior to its inception, but I'm only TA, so what do I know? With TAFS, Trade Trraining, C+E, etc, it can take over 3 years to get a trained soldier through the system.

The aim of TAFS was to align TA training more closely with Regular training. On the face of it, a laudable aim, but given that almost everyone deployed on TELIC was trained under the 'old' system, and they weren't so bad, why change so radically? Yet again, I return to an old point. The TA is NOT the Regular Army but only 2 weekends a month; it's different in many, many ways.

As to Goku's problem, the TAFS 3 'training gap' is mainly rangework; in the SE it is all led by the BSTTs, and if they can't run it, for whatever reason, it doesn't happen.

And as for Recy Mechs -Top Geezers, every one :D
Down here (SE) 3 regts have got together and do our own Tafs and Gaps, it works well, we often have over 80 recruits on a weekend and run 4-5 cycles a year. Combining the instructors and RMQ's from the 3 regts means there are no shortage of manpower. Getting them on the CMS(R) is the problem due to shortages of places. :roll:
I tend to agree! It seems the only way to sort out the Phase 1 Part 3 trg (Gap) Trg is to have several units work together. We do in ours and altogether there are four working together. We also do that with Phase 1 Part 1 (TAFS). It works very well and so far we've had no cancelled weekends. We have even welcomed on board other units individuals requiring trg (Even had one or two through talking on ARRSE!) The more the merrier!
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