Canceling my application

i have my barb test this monday comeing up and i want to know how to cancel my aplication . should i go and do my barb test and say after i dont want to join the army or should i ring up in the morning telling them i dont want to join atm
. do i get to apply again when i am ready and want to join the army

thanks Mr H


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As soon as you expressed an interest in joining the forces you were contraturaly obliged to enlist. The only way out is to kill yourself. And post the video on YouTube as proof.
Sadly, there is no escape. Once they have your details you owe the Army 3 years of your life sweet pea. You can either do it the easy way (where you turn up as expected) or the hard way (where they send small bands of psychotic killers to hunt you down and torment your every waking hour). Of course there is always the possibility that during the time it takes for you to get from the special school to the AFCO the myriad of buffoons and cretins masquerading as politicians will have reduced the size of the Army by another 30,000 or so, in which case you will be surplus to requirements.
Just phone them and explain, but the press gang will still track you down.
Oi! Why lumber the Navy with him?

But in all fairness to the OP - just call the careers office explain you have decided against a career within the Army and cancel your BARB test. Rather do that and keep your options open for a later date than mess them around and not turn up at all.
Court marshal for you SON!
Just give them a quick call. Let them know that you've bottled it and your life is a total shambles. You're a disgrace and a coward of the highest order. Now get away you horrible thing you !
It would of been handier phoning before the day so some one else could of got the BARB slot but phone up first thing Monday just to let them know you have changed your mind. It looks better in future if you wish to restart your application the journal saying phoned to cancel rather than did not attend.
He has cancel his application otherwise he will miss his appointment to have his dick chopped off and his name changed to helga
Send Key setting over...great second post.
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