Canberra retires from service.

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by spike7451, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

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  2. I was based at RAF St Mawgan when 7 Sqn operated the Canberra (late 70s/early 80s), and had several flights - wonderful aircraft. My father remembers that whilst he was undergoing flying training in Canada, film of the Queen's coronation was flown out by Canberra.

    At least MoD used to get some procurement right!
  3. The sad end for a beautiful aircraft. If only more of our aircraft lasted as long as they did.
  4. I love that aircraft, and my first jet trip as a space cadet. Annual Camp RAF Wyton , back in 19-depressing.
  5. I belive there's one flying out of IWM Duxford, Or at least there was, as I've saw one zooming around over my home city a few years back.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just goes to show hw right things can be when the beancounters of the public purse dont pennypinch and allow something to develop without cutting costs.Just look at what we have today that only has a service life of around 10 years.(if that!)
  7. ooooops..... Snap!

    Here's one I snapped earlier this month while the three remaining aircraft were doing a "farewell" tour of the UK.

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  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Nice photo Biscuits. Just shows off the clean lines & unmistakably British design perfectly.
  9. I beleive NASA use a modified Cannbera for atmospheric research..
  10. Yes im right!!

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  11. Errrrrrrrr not quite, isn't it this?


    P7350 MKIIA and still on RAF charge :D
  12. Class shows in both aircraft. As the old saying goes, 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever'.
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  13. The NASA aircraft is, IIRC, a WB57, the Martin B57 being a licence-produced variant of the Cranberry. NASA have a couple and there are several more at AMARC, although what it would take to bring these back into service I don't know.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The B-57 was a Americsn version adapted to fill a gap left by the early retirement of the U S Strategic bombers &,like that Harrier was built under licence.Although a Canberra in name & shape,it was,basically a entirely different aircraft.