Canberra crash

Given the very relevant point made by PartTimePongo in his last reply, I have chosen to remove this posting.

My condolences also go out to the families and colleagues of those affected by this tragedy.
Blind by name , Blind by idea. No RAF Aircraft flies unless rigourously checked and re-checked. So your idea is crap . I'd sooner trust RAF / Civ tech employed by MOD than anyone in civ street.
Much as we knock them the RAF are a professional organisation , who's safety record is envied around the world , in both military and civvy Airlines and air based ops
The Board of Inquiry will get to the bottom of this incident. The Canberra has been around a long time, but has an excellent safety record.

Very sad for the families of the aircrew who lost their lives.
As Viro says,the BoI will get to the bottom of this, so speculation won't help ,especially with journos trawling here and that aviation site over the way, for a bit of scandal.

Condolences to the Family, colleagues and friends of the Aircrew that lost their lives.
Backseaters in a Canberra, incident below 2k = dead.

Thanks to the crew for the job they did & prayers for the families bereaved.

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Though the great spaces in the sky.
Be with them always in the air,
In darkening storms or sunlight fair;
Oh, hear us when we lift our prayer,
For those in peril in the air!
May the 2 dead rest in peace and may the survivor return to health and return to service.
The Canberra was designed in the 50's and the escape systems have not been significantly changed since then - although most of the rest of the aircraft has been upgraded. Ejection seat performance has improved dramatically since then, and it is not impossible that post-accident investigation might show that had a modern seat been fitted the accident may have been survivable. But best not to second guess that until the answers are in.

However, if that is the case then it would be nice to see the press hounding the MoD and Government over the lack of money that forces pilots to fly on seats designed way before they were born. .
The guys from marham who fly the Canberra have quietly helped to keep a good many people safe in their beds, for many decades now.

Deepest sympathies to the relatives of all concerned.

Deepest respect to those aircrew, and to those who continue the excellent work with these ancient platforms.
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