Canadians to withdraw from AFG

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It was always going to happen when the Germans said fcuk off to combat tours. Does this spell the begining of the end for NATO, most members are useless and not prepared to support the rest?
  2. Another 3 years in theatre yet, a lot can change in that time. (Especially in politics!) If and when they do they can leave with their heads held high. :salut:

    The Canucks have done, and continue to do really well and should be proud of themselves. :clap:
  3. Given everything they have done a fantastic job. :salut:
  4. Considering the date proposed in a Motion before the House, it's not over until the fat lady sings. The opposition has still to accept it. If they refuse, it could trigger an election (something that right now, is being touted as un-necessary - we'll see in the days to come)

    The date of 2011 is already a 3 year extension of our existing Mission time frame. Something that up until the Manley report, was causing us a bit of grief getting extended.
  5. This is a mechanism to get the opposition on board with the Afghanistan policy and the opposition doesnt want an election.
  6. Probably not a certainty yet.
    Even if it is I do not blame them. The Canucks have done a sterling job and if they feel let-down, it is the fault of others.
    God bless em and shame on nations that rely upon other nations sacrifices for their own protection (this may include us if our government continue on the course they are following).
  7. Canuck troops in Afghanistan celebrating the news:


    But seriously, they've done a great job.
  8. Maybe the Germans thought that NATO was there to defend western Europe (and especially them) from the massed armies of the Warsaw Pact. As Afghanistan has not attacked Western Europe, it could be that other less robust members of NATO not having seen any Afghanis shooting up or invading their countries have decided that they want little to do with this NATO mission.

    Al Haigh, (ex US 4 star general and Secretary of Sate at the time of the Falklands war) was trying to get the Argies to pull out of the Islands before the task force arrived and in discussions with the Argie generals said why pick on the Brits as of all armies in the world they seem to be one of the few whose soldiers are not only prepared to fight but want to fight. Having said all that, I think we are fortunate to have a Germany that really does not want to fight. If history is taught us on thing it must be that the Germans tend to be good soldiers and their methods and military organisation have been copied by lots of other nations. A second lesson from history surely must be that most invasions of Afghanistan fail. Lesson 3, the Afghanis are good and determined fighters.
  9. Good Soldiers the Canuks and good friends to UK over the years.
    Yes long fight and fight the Canuk troops will do.