Canadians standing beside you

I am a 25 year old Canadian female, beginning the application overseas application process to join your Army- I still have to do more research, but I would love to get on as a medic, or under the Royal Engineers working in the Geomatics area- I would like to get into contact with other Canadians who have done the same- Whats the biggest challenge? Why did you join over seas and not here (you can ask me the same)- I have lots more question- but will wait until you contact me. And the same- anyone who might be working in the two fields I stated- regardless of nationality, I would love to hear from you- first hand experience- advice etc...
Is it just me? Is it the stuff I'm smoking? Or haven't we had this question before? If we haven't, I retract my original question and maintain the opposite, whatever that may be.

There is a lad on this site under the username CDN_SPR who is a Canadian Sapper (believe it or not) and i am sure he can help you.
Try getting in touch with this guy he should be able to give you both points of view:

Halifax man serves with Brits in Iraq
Military police officer one of the few Canadians serving in volatile country

HE CAN DIFFERENTIATE between the sound of an exploding mortar, bomb, rocket or an improvised explosive device. And he does it several times a day, instinctively.

Capt. Daniel Dandurand, 31, is a Canadian military police officer in Iraq, where there are only a handful of Canadians like him.

Canada isn’t supposed to have a military presence in Iraq, but Capt. Dandurand is an exception because he’s on an exchange with the British military.

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