Canadians in the UK Service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yella, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. I am a 25 year old Canadian female, beginning the application overseas application process to join your Army- I still have to do more research, but I would love to get on as a medic, or under the Royal Engineers working in the Geomatics area- I would like to get into contact with other Canadians who have done the same- Whats the biggest challenge? Why did you join over seas and not here (you can ask me the same)- I have lots more question- but will wait until you contact me. And the same- anyone who might be working in the two fields I stated- regardless of nationality, I would love to hear from you- first hand experience- advice etc...
  2. Although I cannot corroborate this rumour personally, you can expect a higher level of bullshit and "make-work" taskings. Doing jobs that don't necessarily need doing, just for the sake of not letting you sit down.

    Why would a Canadian want to join our Army? I only ask because my Mum is Candian, and after my Dad serving 15 years and a further 15 with the Police the family is emigrating back over there.
    From what I've gathered it's a much higher quality of life.

    Why is everyone so desperate to get over here? Do they not realise it's fallen into a cesspit?
  3. Sheepay, calm it down - the countries in a bit of a dire state, thanks to TB (Not the disease, although...) but things can only get better! (That's optimism for you!)

    I can't over any advice, but i am interested to know why you want to join the British Army and not the Canadian Forces?
  4. I can't over any advice, but i am interested to know why you want to join the British Army and not the Canadian Forces?[/quote]

    Why... there is more opportunity for active duty- that is one reason
  5. Bit of a journo question !!!

    Dunno pay better ?

    try here ;

    Welfare Help for Commonwealth Soldiers
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It's a shame current estimates being bandied around suggest it will take 100 years to get our country back to pre-TB.

    FFS I'll be 151!!! Even the clock - I mean calendar - were even ticking yet.
  7. Bollocks it is, welcome Yella try posting in the Multinational HQ forum & the Training one as well

    al the best

  8. Yella

    Pm sent
  9. are you related to Willie Picton....the Canadian pig farmer!
    if you "google willie"...your find him!!!!
  10. That's honestly the first time i've been accused of being a Journo around here! Paranoia is really setting in. I'm just genuinely interested, I've noticed that the Army (can't say for the other two forces) has quite a number of foreign troops in it's ranks.
  11. Hi Yella:

    I'm a Canadian who served in the WRNS. I had been living in the UK for about 2 years prior to me joining as well, I had a Right of Abode certificate.

    I would suggest that prior to you travelling over here (the mob will not recruit from abroad) that you ensure that you have your education certificates/diploma accredited by a source that is recognized in the UK. That can take up to two years to complete if you took some artsy type courses that there are no equivalent to in the UK for them to determine what you have the equivalent of.

    I can recall having a rather lengthy discussion with the recruiting centre about whether Grade 13, was worth A levels or not. You should also make sure you bring with you the key that all universities use to determine what grade is worth what from what province/year of graduation.

    I would also ensure that you apply to the RCMP and have with you a criminal background check (the mob is still going to do their own but by having one done and ready to hand in, *might* save some pre-selection time.) I also brought with me a letter from my bank manager and credit report.

    When I joined in 1982, the Navy was looking for at least a year of residency in the UK before they would even take a hard look at you. It is my understanding that the residency requirement is still in effect and I believe it may actually be longer.

    If you are entering the UK under the Right of Abode, then you will have to also have on hand, the certified birth certificates and/or marriage certificates of those whom you are claiming the connection with. The British High Commission in Canada will not issue a certificate of Right to Abode without those documents and getting them from the UK can take a while. If you are applying for immigration, get started now, it will take a lengthy period of time to be approved (if at all).

    You'll have to have funds to support yourself in ther UK while you wait for your Army application to be approved.

    Your driver's licence means squat over here (there is no straight exchange like an interprovincial one). You can drive on it with an International permit but eventually you will have to get a UK one if you want to keep driving. The only good thing about that is you won't have to have the dreaded L plates while you are getting yourself sorted.

    Getting private accommodation isn't easy nor is it cheap. So have your digs sorted out before you come over.

    You might also want to watch, listen and learn the dialects, idioms and phrases that are unique to each region in the UK. Also learn the UK history and politics. If you think you understand Brit culture, go back, try again until you truly understand its nuances. If you are going to be in HM Forces, then you really do need to understand what that entails.

    And without a doubt you will have the micky taken out of you at all turns. Either learn to laugh with it or stay in Canada. And get to know every person who ever has had a rellie in the UK because yo will be asked ad nauseum if you knew them back in Canada. Just say yes.

    Good luck.
  12. Could also try the RAF, met one canadian who served but not sure if they were born here or dual nationality. And as a medic you could do some good stuff like the helli evacs and paramedical training.
    Go for it, regardless of what service you go for GOOD LUCK!!!!
  13. :?

    i tried to join the canadian army a couple of years ago ,was doing really well till they asked if i was in the british army!! They dont take noncanadian citizens ,damn have to try the front door on the immigration front :twisted: