Canadians in the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robre, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help me? Can a Canadian passport holder who is staying in the UK on a 4 year visa join the TA?
  2. Yes.

    BritishArmy recruits from around 130 countries. Canadian's are more than welcome, bring some mates along too.
  3. For any Commonwealth national who wishes to join the TA, they must have a minimum of 3 years on their visa as that we sign up for that.
    However, if they are students, they are only allowed to work a MAXIMUM of 25 hours per week. So, as we are paid 24 hours a day on a weekend, and a weekend would comprise roughly 42 hours (2000-2359 Friday, 0000-2359 Saturday, 0000-1400 Sunday) they cannot join as they contravene the visa. Annual Camps = forget it.
  4. Can the terms of the visa be amended upon application?
  5. If you mean once they have joined the TA to show that they are HM Forces, then no - we are casual labourers (still laugh at that!). If they join the Regs then yes.
  6. I was thinking more in terms of having the visa annotated to "maximum 25 hours per week, exclusive of any service undertaken in the Reserve Forces" or something similar. Alternatively, "maximum 3 days per week, averaged over a 12 month period."

    As I understand visas (and I'm not particularly versed in the subject), the terms are not set in stone and can be amended according to individual circumstances. Membership of the TA would be of mutual benefit to both the applicant and HMG.
  7. Can be, a guy that works for me has a Canadian bird that is over here on a 4 year visa and she did something that allowed her to join the TA. I'll find out more details on Monday but I know it can be done
  8. i did see somebody come into my barracks, he was wearing a Canadian flag onthe right shoulder but wearing a british camo, not sure if he is exchange or a canadian national in British uniform.

    dunno if that is relevent and could be useful to you.
  9. Union Flag = British Army, regardless of the nationality of the individual.
    Maple Leaf = Canadian Army

    Must have been on exchange.
  10. Let me elucidate. The 25 hour rule ONLY applies if you have a STUDENT visa. There are other visas such as UK Ancestry, Working Holidaymaker, Work Visa, that let you work all thehours God sends if you wish. The student visa has this rule because if you are working over 25 hours a week, when do you study? If you are not studying, then you are in breech of the conditions set.
    Aunty, you friend's bird is most probably not a student, as her visa is for four years, and most full time degrees are a maximum of 3 years (unless you are in Scotland).
  11. From the Visa website:
    Although the Army pays on the basis of a 24 hour day, the reality is that about 8 hours per day is the norm, so quoting "Muster Parade 08:00 - Dismissal Parade 17:00 = 8 hours (excluding breaks)" is not even bending the truth. A typical weekend wouldn't even be close to 20 hours on this basis. A night exercise could spoil things though. The Army would be obliged to be honest and give such details :lol: if somebody bothered to investigate further :roll: .

    Annual Camp wouldn't be a problem provided it coincided with vacations. Recruit training involving periods longer than a weekend would also have to fit in with vacations.

    It could also be worthwhile to have the term "week" defined. If it is considered to be MON-FRI, then no problem whatsoever (unless mobilised :twisted: ). It's a long time ago now, but when I was on the dole after leaving college, working on a Sunday was not required to be advised to the Employment Exchange.

    It's worth making deeper enquiries, rather than just assuming that membership of the TA is precluded.
  12. Week is defined as a seven day continuous period.
    I would like to see the person stand up to any SNCO or officer on an FTX weekend on Longmoor and say "Actually we really work only 8 hours a day, so I am going home now. See you tomorrow!" but I know what you mean, and it has been debated in my unit many a time. The point is though, that if immigration did bother to investigate (bearing in mind they are trying to find 1000 prospective deportees), the unit NOT the army could get find up to £2000 per person (student that is) for KNOWINGLY employing a student over and beyond the hours laid down in the conditions. Not really worth the hassle is it?
    And the rules are that the hours allowed to work are set in stone for the duration of the course, regardless of whether it is a vacation or not. Even using your 8 hour rule, CMS(R)/Annual Exercise is still 56 hours per week which is more than most people work in a week. Bearing in mind you are still being paid for the RnR day.
  13. Hence why the student would have to attend Camp or training periods of greater than a weekend outside term time. The working restriction (according to the HMG website) only applies during term-time.

    I certainly wouldn't advocate telling porkies, but I'd be surprised if a carefully worded request to the Home Office (particularly if via the Canadian Embassy) didn't result in permission to attend weekend training.
  14. OK, MBE, since you seem to know your sheeyat, how's about this for a puzzler?

    It's about the four-years-on-the-visa rule for Commonwealth nationals. Say you have a potential recruit who possesses dual nationality: Canadian and Belgian. Let's call him Alphonse.

    By virtue of the Belgian nationality, Alphonse entered Blighty without needing a visa of any sort. By the same token (is Belgian nationality a token - I think so), Alphonse has indefinite leave to remain here.

    Alphonse decides to do the decent thing for his adopted home and applies to join the TA.

    The rule seems stupid in Alphonse's case. Does it apply?
  15. Of course not, he's an EU national (cheese eating...) and thus a permit is not required, as long as the Army has no grief with employing Belgians. The RRTT bod is just a mong who doesn't quite seem to understand the whole EU right to work wherever you like malarky.

    Alphonse may meant to be registering with the authorities every now and again to ensure all is above board, well you do in some EU countries, but other than that I can't see a problem. Tell him to take his various passports along, and maybe a copy of the EU charter or something which he can ram down the mongs throat.