Canadians and Political Correctness?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Plastic Yank, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. This was sent to me this by me old man in Toronto!

    Potentially an urban myth, as someone in the office said they saw the same thing in an Ozzie newspaper.

    Allegdely in the Toronto Star (broadsheet not tablod), am trying to track it down, but regardless, i reckon its spot on!

  2. must agree with your oppo...its been in the press before...i saw the same ammended ozzie version.

    still agree with it though!
  3. I'll drink to that! Excellent sentiments.
  4. Who's he to talk? ALL Canadians are immigrants. Well, except for the Red Indians who the Canadians shot and then nicked their country I suppose. Bit rich to complain if you're a mugger who got mugged.

  5. Don't you mean, ahem, the "First Nations"? :?
  6. It's a load of bollox, pandering to the bigots.

    The fact is, emigrating to Canada (regardless of your origins) is extremely difficult. Believe me, I'm a regular visitor to the Country and am hoping to settle there, when I leave the mob.

    The immigration system works on a points system and the ability to speak English and/or French features very prominently in that system, so the suggestion in the 'article', that you can enter Canada, without being able to speak its official languages is not really valid. Canada is one of the most diverse nations on the planet, so, as has already been mentioned, any attempt by Canadians (with the exception of First Nationals) to assert their Canadian roots, is a bloody joke.