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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uniqunik, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello I am a Canadian citizen and aware that I can join the British army as a Commonwealth citizen but i would like to know exactly how it works in Britain. I have a college diploma in auto mechanics and would like to join the British forces as a vehicle mechanic. Will my diploma be accepted in the UK? I know in the Canadian army with my diploma I can enlist in the military as a semi-skilled applicant and I will recieve an instant pay raise upon completion of the basic military qualifications course. Would I recieve semi-skilled status if applying in the British army? And also how much is the pay if I am to recieve a pay raise? I would like to know because as an EU citizen also I am planning on moving to live in England. Thank you for the help:highfive:
  2. Why would you want to? Stay put mate.
  3. Yeah, you can commute now.
  4. :? I thought the British Isles were not yet part of the European Union? :? I know the U.K. has members at the European Parlement in Brussels, but surely they haven't dropped the pound sterling for the euro yet?

    (Still trying to work out how much my Army pension will be when we switch over to Chinese Yuan ;-)
    PRC Banner.gif Hu Jintao Chinese President.jpg
  5. Excellent decision: the hot chicks, high pay, plush benefits, first class scoff and genuinely caring citizenry will ensure that you thank yourself daily for being such a clever clogs for heading the wrong way across the Atlantic. Oh, and you'll probably have most of your previous qualifications ignored and have to start from scratch... and ramp up that PT program. Everything about British Army training is physically tougher than just about any Canadian equivalent - that's why your average squaddy is such a rippling Adonis.

    There, happy now.
  6. Have a good read of this to get you started.

    Good luck.
  7. I have sent you an PM! good luck