Canadian spy coins


foil hat time


Sounds like a bit of a set-up to me. Giving cause to close the border to the North and protect the peace-loving citizens of the good old US of A from those Tree Hugging Commie sympos.

I've heard that the septics are giving the Cannucks a bit of a grilling at the moment; harbouring Terrorists and allowing them to cross-border at their leisure, Clubbing small White fluffy animals, not giving them all their natural resources at a discount, etc.

I wouldn't pee them off too much, Canada is providing a lot of support in some really cruddy places at the moment, but like the Britain you hardly ever hear or read about them supporting the Free World: only one country has the right to do that - AT ANY COST!

And if there is substance to the accusation: WELL DONE CANADA!!
Moosaca said:
...Clubbing small White fluffy animals...

Fcuking Jiggly headed perverts. Everyone knows its goddamed un-American to club seals.

You fcuking shoot them.

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