Canadian soldier killed, by friendly fire".

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. where have we seen a-10 attacking blues on blue before? hmmm 26 feb 91 perhaps!
  2. I think that when operating with or close to the Septics troops should be issued with orange dayglo helmet covers!
  3. Mistakes happen, right? It could happen to anybody so let's not jump on the anti-US bandwagon, eh?
  4. Regardless of cause, RIP buddie.
  5. Bad news all round...

    Rest In Peace fella.

    My sincere condolences to those who grieve and my best wishes for full and speedy recoveries to the wounded.
  6. Absolutely right. USAF regularly deliver tons of ordnance where required without harm to our side.

    Well, maybe I should say that part of USAF that doesn't fly A-10s.

  7. And in all probability it won't be the last, but mistakes do happen and I doubt the pilot(s) will be feeling too good about it.
  8. FTR I was not inciting Septics bashing just remarking on the fact of it being a hog involved, again!
  9. RIP to the fallen.

    Does anyone know why it seems to be A-10s more than other aircraft that seem to be involved in these friendly fire incidents?

    To my knowledge it was a A-10 that resulted in the death of a Warrior crew during GW1 and an A-10 that attacked the HCR Scimitars during the Iraq invasion.
  10. Because A10s are specialised close air support aircraft which are most likely to be expending their munitions near friendly troops.
  11. RIP

    My thoughts and prayers to Your family and friends mate
  12. I think that there are two types of blue on blue.

    1. Those like the one referred to in this thread which involves ac providing CAS Ops. Which have been pointed out are dreadful accidents.

    2. More worrying are the others where US pilots have engaged marked coalition vehicles in free-fire zones. These more often that not, are when they (the ac) are not receiving fire and thus should have time to verify the target before offloading munitions.

    That said my Canadian co-worker and I are extremely pissed today. Especially since our US boss strolled down and offered his condolences to the Canadians for the loss of 15 of their troops this weekend. If it were not such an piss poor subject to use it would worthy of some spam bashing. Not today or ever....

    RIP all those who died over the weekend.