Canadian Soldier KIA in Khandahar 9/7/06


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A Canadian soldier has been killed in a fire fight west of Kandahar City.

Military officials said Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment based in Thunder Bay, Ont., died Sunday morning.

Boneca, a reservist, was killed as Canadian military and Afghan security forces were pushing through an area that has been a hotbed of Taliban activity over the past few months.

Brig.-Gen. David Frazer, the Canadian commander on the multinational brigade in Kandahar, said Boneca's tragic death is a blow but won't affect the troops' resolve to keep fighting in the area.

Boneca, an infantry soldier, came to Afghanistan with the Canadian battle group early this winter. The unit is to rotate back to Canada next month.

Two Canadian soldiers were wounded Saturday in the same region.

Boneca was the 17th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan.

RIP Cpl. Boneca , another Soldier of the Commonwealth KIA. Condolences to family, colleagues and friends.
RIP Cpl. Condolences to your family and comrades.

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