Canadian Soldier Beaten in Bar

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. After reading the article it states he was attacked from behind by a bunch of cowardly cnuts from within his home town who were obviously known to him and jealous of his recent fame for his selfless act of dragging his mates from a burning vehicle whilst under enemy fire...wnakers.
  2. Canada is certainly strange the way it views the military. The Governement fully recognizes the contribution made and ex-squaddies can enjoy the perks of veteran status, however as the article clearly shows the attitude of the general public is somewhat different and there are some right backward idiots about.
  3. Are we supposed to assume the man was attacked soley because he's a soldier and recently returned from Afghanistan?

    This was his hometown. Perhaps the guy that assaulted him had an old grudge. I'm saving my moral outrage 'til I know more.
  4. I don't think your assumption comes into it...surely the fact that a recently decorated soldier, albeit allegedly, was attacked from behind by up to 4 men and was obviously given a kicking, witnesses quoting one of the attackers as saying "'What kind of f--king hero are you now?" is enough for your moral outrage whether he had a previous grudge or not.
  5. Yes, Yes and the moon is made of cheese and cows jump over it don't you know.
  6. By and large the Canadian public supports its soldiers. Unfortunately, there are always some idiots and this Master Corporal seems to have been singled out by four of them.

    Sadly, with our ineffective justice system, they will probably only get probation.
  7. I quite agree. Even if the four are proven to have perpetrated this crime in the name of anti militancy (which evidence consists of a single sentence uttered by the ringleader) it doth not a nation condemn.

    One would certainly hope that the crimes of assault and battery would be dealt with swiftly and justly, no matter who the victims are.
  8. I have to agree. Though it seems obvious to me that this assault was politically motivated, it is secondary to the severity of it in the first place.
  9. Ah, the crux of the matter. What difference whether this was politically motivated (yet to be proven) or otherwise? Is it a greater offense to bash some dudes head in for political rather than more pedestrian reasons? A crime was committed. I'm quite sorry that this soldier came home from war only to take a beating but is his assault worse than any similar assaults?
  10. Reread what I said, the political aspect is likely (though yes unproven) and enrages me, but is secondary to the actual crime, which was beating the poor sap like that. The pic with the link is nothing short of horrendus.
  11. I stand corrected on your post. My apologies. BTW, I've seen far worse and sustained similar injuries in bar fights. Ah, to be young and in uniform...
  12. They've charged one individual, Travis Baldwin, a 21 year old hockey player on the local team--the Morrisburg Lions. The teams guest book has been taken offline since dozens of postings were placed there after the incident.


    Seems Mr. Baldwin has a bit of an anger problem. See his number of penalty minutes and 'fighting majors' (penalties for fighting) near the bottom:

  13. Ah, not motivated by politics as much as testosterone. Great, another so-called hard man trying to get noticed in his sport league by being a thug.

    I bet you any amount of money his coach and parents encouraged this crap and he's hoping it will get him into the NHL. Guys like this are the ones that end up hospitalizing their girlfriends, too. Cnut.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I imagine that there are probably some colleagues of MCpl Fitzgerald at CFB Treton who are less than enamoured of the actions of this self-styled ice hockey 'hero.'

    At some stage in his future they could possibly pop round to see the 'gentleman' one evening, for a good old fashioned chat about his attitude and actions.

    I'm sure that with some gentle persuasion he could be educated as to the error of his ways, and will rejoyce in the revelation that thereafter he should behave in a manner that would be acceptable to all.

    Well, once he starts to eat solids again.

    Edited to correct poor phraseology.