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Canadian Sappers in Greece in the Second World War?

I need some help trying to confirm something. A friend came across some information in a reprint of a British publication titled Greece and Crete 1941. In the chapter dealing with the initial German attack on Greece and Yugoslavia he found the following:

. . . In Salonika there was time to destroy the oil stocks, installations and stores, the task of a special detachment of
Canadian Royal Engineers [sic] known as the Kent Corps Troops. The vanguard of the German advance penetrated the outskirts of Salonika that night, and occupied the city at dawn the following morning, April 9th.

If there were elements of the RCE present this would be the earliest example of Canadian Army in combat during the war predating both Hong Kong and Dieppe, ( but not including the landing of 1st Canadian Division in France in 1940 after Dunkirk and a small contingent sent to Norway also in 1940).

Three companies of Canadian Engineers were sent to Gibralter to work on enlarging and expanding the tunnel system there. At the same time a detachment of RE known as the Kent Corps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_Fortress_Royal_Engineers#Gibraltar were also in Gibralter also overseeing demolition prep.

The Kent Corps troops were then sent to Greece and used to destroy installations etc during the retreat. As the detachment was rather small it may be that some Canadian Sappers were seconded to them for this mission.

Anyone who can confirm or deny this and/or provide further info please advise.

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