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Discussion in 'Canada' started by PRC-349, Jul 9, 2009.

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  2. No but my family lived there for about 5 years in calgary and I have always wanted to go there.

    To be honest I just want a new start in life somewhere new dong a job I'm already good at andanother job im interested in
  3. If you have family there, then they can sponsor you. Having a gauranteed job offer is another way. You will need to be able to show, that you can support yourself financially, for a minimum of 6 months. Knowledge of the French language is also a plus, as it is a points system.

    Go to the website of the province you wish to settle in, in your case Alberta. Some provinces actively encourage/sponsor certain people to move to them.

    Also look on the web, there companies that will do all the running around for you.

    Good luck.

    Edited because I ferked up the province :oops:
  4. Are you in the UK police already?

    I've been accepted by Calgary Police and am in the final stages of getting my visa. Hopefully I'll be out there mid September. Anything I can help you with just ask. though I don't profess to be an expert.
  5. Recce, Calgary isn't BC, it's Alberta. That's a quick way to upset the Albertans, link them with the hippy, granola bar eating pot smokers!
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  6. :oops: :oops: I knew that :wink: Well I should, been there enough times!
  7. Im afraid not, Im in a soon to be disbanded STAB unit :roll: Which is great especially after looking at the points system saying i need 11 grand to get my plan off the groundand thats just the begining. I wonder how many tours that would take :roll:
  8. hmmmm, in that case mate you may struggle. I think that between Me, Mrs G and Mini G we've spent about £9k on going out there for a look, 2 separate trips for testing then the immigration fees. so it's not cheap. Might I suggest (if you've not been out there already) going out to have a look. We love it out there but a bloke from my farce who was interested in joining Calgary Police (CPS) went out for a look and hated it.

    The CPS only recruit overseas applicants with previous police service so if you were RMP you (may, but probably not) be in with a shout but they're not recruiting overseas applicants at the moment (but I'm sure that'll change). Some linkys that may help

    Anything else you need to know, I'll try and help.
  9. I'm not in Calgary, PRC, but I'll ask you this...... have you considered the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?...... It's just that I have been feckin' bombarded with ads by them for the past two months, saying how they're on a recruiting drive...... just a thought, mind.
  10. Another couple of avenues possibly worth considering are:

    Edmonton Police - Recruiting Page

    Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol

    Edmonton Police have quite a rep for poaching UK cops, in fact they have in the past sent a team to the UK to recruit direct from UK forces. Granted, this was for experienced officers, but as a friend of mine about to leave the army can attest, they hire ALL the time, and may be willing to advise on your chances of joining.

    Alberta Sheriffs are the closest thing Alberta has to a provincial police. They mainly work in small towns and on the highways, so you could look to get posted to the calgary/S. Alberta area.

    Good luck however, if there is any advice needed please don't hesitate to PM me. I may not respond immediately however, as I am on work up training for a sandy holiday and thus very busy.

    EDITED TO ADD: I would also strongly advise on going out for a visit first. If you go at a time outside of school holidays you will get a cheap flight, and also consider other areas. I am unashamedly going to recommend Ontario, and no, not Toronto. Anywhere but Toronto.
  11. On second thought, I'll make this another sticky....
  12. I would like to thank you all most humbly for all of your sound advice on this, currently I am researching the possibility of employment in the RCMP and Varios other Police forces around Alberta.

    Taking your advice i shall most definatly be looking into going over for a short period of time after my own sandy holiday to do a reccie of whats on offer and size up my options. Then if it is looking good probably apply for some FTRS and when I have finished that see if the passion is still there, which i strongly feel it will.

    Again thank you for your advice on this it ismost appreciated.

  13. Oi!!! What have I done now :?
  14. Recce, you need to be talking to the High Commission at Canada House in London, either in person (Trafalgar Square) or via their website. I'm a Canadian living in UK and their response to me is always on the ball, so I'm sure they will be just as good answering immigration queries from Brits. Linky below:

    Sorry, just spotted OP was PRC-349, so re-address my comments to him/her.
  15. I should be (fingers crossed) out there by the time you're able to visit. PM me to let me know via ARRSE and I'll try and meet up for a pint and a chinwag.