Canadian Money Spying On US Contractors


Sometimes, you come across stories in the news that are just, well.....odd.

In 2005 the Royal Canadian Mint issued out a commemorative 25 cent piece, that featured a maple leaf with a poppy overlaid on it. The "Poppy Quarter" was apparently the worlds first painted coinage (could be true, who knows?) as the poppy was painted in scarlet. As we of the Commonwealth know, the poppy is our symbol of Remembrance.

It seems that some US defence contractors that were working in Canada were spooked by the coins and thought they contained "nanotechnology" that was being used to spy on them. The result seems to be a rather lengthy report on Canadian coinage.

Like I say, just odd.

More can be found at:
Why would anyone need to go to such lengths to spy on the spams. They love gobbing off about what they do, really very little requirement for spying just have to keep your ears open.
From the Department of Homeland Security:

The bugged poppy quarter story is just a diversion.

The bugging devices are really inside the caps of Molson's bottles.

Order Budweiser or watch what you say.

The Canadian Invasion Threat Level is: orange/elevated.

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