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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone had any experiences of them? Are they similar to us (TA), looking at the websites they seem more intergrated with the regular forces than we are and full time service seems to be expected.

    Weird, I was looking into them and an internal (Canadian) job appeared in my Inbox. So is quality of life better there, would it be good for my kids etc.

    Can you transfer across and keep rank (or would it be be better to initially get an attachment until I decided I was staying in Canada or not)
  2. Go for it mate think of the RESPOD.
  3. The Canadian regular and reserves are more closely integrated due to the small size of the Canadian military and its commitments. Unlike the UK, the Canucks have been using the reserves to bolster regular formations for decades. The battle of the Medak Pocket in Croatia Sept 1993 the PPCLI held the line against Croat advances and inficted heavy casualties on them. The unit won a citation for it, but what is generally not well known was that approx half the bn were reservists from across Canada.

    If you want a good understanding of them try this book

    All Tigers, No Donkeys: A Citizen Soldier in Croatia, 1994-1995, by Kurt Grant (who is still serving and is actually on his way to Bisley as I write!)
  4. My only experince of them is from a long trip to Wainwright treking area. I got the impression that troops lived in mixed sex rooms and they ran all their own training with 6 week courses

    I was impressed by the Native citizens course with families driving for a week to see their children pass out...!
  5. Polar: There is a ton of info on the site on Brit expats joining the CF. You'll find enough info there to get you started with your questions with respect to conditions of enrollment, immigration concerns, citizenship requirements, BMQ requirements etc with lots of useful links to other sources. As for what appears to be a requirement to work full time with them it is and always will be, up to the member how much time you want to put in for. Keep in mind that there will be times when you will need to put the time in for your trade training and OJT as you progress through the ranks, trade quals etc. The trade, unit, and element will dictate those needs.

    The GoC also has a number of websites that deal with living in Canada so try (they'll have links to provincial and municipal sites for more info).

    Unofficially, since I have lived in both Britain and Canada (and many, many places in between) I'd have to say each country has it's own strengths and weaknesses in it's living conditions, economics and education. It depends on what you really want to achieve. There's a ton of stuff I love about the UK and some stuff I didn't care for as there are things here that I love and dislike as well.

    From a parent's perspective, I'd have to say my kid did alright here and she grew up a happy and reasonably well educated person. I have noticed that most young Canadian kids are much more globally aware than children from our pals in the south. The education system here tends to be very broad in its curriculum when it comes to world knowledge.

    I spent 19 years in the CF and I loved every minute of it. However, I have equally as fond memories of my time in the Wrens. I have worked with both RegF members and PRes members and found both sides of our force to be highly dedicated pers.

    At the moment, we have the best CDS that we've ever had and as such, he is leading us into a transformation that hasn't been seen since the 60s. It is exciting times for all of the CF.

    I won't lie to you, we've had our dark decades of decay* and we're struggling to overcome those. We are lobbed transformational handgrenades on a weekly basis, but we are overcoming them. There's a reason why most CF members are pulling off their third decade of service, we are fortunate to have the best wearing the uniform and their committment to the CF is apparent regardless of times of bearing out the crappy junk they issued us with.

    Anyway, if I can answer more specific questions, I'll try and if I can't, I'll hook you up with those that can.

    *General Rick Hillier's address to the Conference of Defence Association, Feb, 2007
  6. thanks for the replies, it does look interesting.
  7. Did an exchange with a platoon with the 48th Highlanders...based in Toronto...good lot, keen but need some tactics upgrades...
    loads of fire power.....
    and no idea how to use it..But the Troops are there just need new doctrine..
    Still very nice...Very proud of their heritage...

    this was before their deployment there might have changed things......
  8. You won't find that online... hope it helps
  9. Crabby do we have a similar one with the Aussies (Have been looking up units at one of our other offices ... Aussues reserve far better trained/equiped than we are)
  10. I *believe* that we do eg our regt has an exchange officer, but I couldn't find any detail on the official Australian army reserve website here.

    I did notice that, strangely, they have a facility whereby if you are, say, interested in joining, you can easily find your nearest unit. How bizarre!
  11. If anyone is interested there is a similar scheme available to train with the US National Guard. I'm heading over to the states for 5 months later this year and will be continuing my TA training with a NG unit. I simply get them to authorise an attendance register and fax it back to my TA unit, then get paid (eventually I guess, what with the JPA issues).
    The process of sorting it out has been fairly quick, although I suspect this was down to me doing the majority of the legwork. I approached NG units in the area to make informal enquiries (March/April). Once I found a unit willing to take me, I approached the SO3 G3 in the British Defence Staff in Washington D.C. (April/May) and he assisted in pushing the request to train through The Pentagon and HQ Land. Obviously my Adjt was kept in the loop at all times, so when the paperwork from Land arrived (late May) on his desk it wasn't a complete surprise! Approval from Land arrived at the beginning of this month (June).
  12. I thought that too :twisted: Although DrEvils site is already better than all of them (he needs more locations before he goes live/public, so if you want to add your unit PM me and I'll send you the link)