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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tigger_c/s_30, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. Ok serious question, I am very curious to know what its like to serve alongside the Canadian military now, Afghanistan was after my time and never met one in the Balkans, but I did serve alongside them in Cyprus '75 when the Turks got a little uppity and decided to flex there muscles, I found the men themselves to be pretty dam good soldiers willing to pull there weight and really muck in .
    Even then though the Canadian goverment was pretty bad towards thier military, and having watched what the Liberal goverment here in Canada has done to them in the last 8 years , more really, I have just been monitoring it the last 8 years, I was wondering if its taken its toll on the calibre of men the serving members of ARRSE may have to soldier alongside.
    Looking forward to any feedback.
  2. Done a bit with them they have good and bad habits!
    One big downer is the divide between the Brit Canadians and French Canadians.
    They have Brit and French strong Btns that dont particuarly get on and things can get rather sticky when it comes to handovers!!

    All there Pams and orders are written front to centre in British and rear to centre in French! Time consuming and not cost effective but politicaly correct.

    There Airborne Regiment was disbanded after an incident abroad which was videoed and ended up on Canadian TV. They now have an Airborne Company in most of there Bns but non of the old Airborne Regiment troopers are allowed to serve with these Companys.

    The soldiers I have worked with where on the whole are proffessional but they get there remfs and Pte Piles!

    Some like to chew Tobbaco and suck on schoal Bandits but when its the Adjt and hes briefing for an OP and its all dribbling down his chin its slightly off putting.

    Suppose you could say they are a cross with the Brits and the Yanks?
  3. A soldier sent off to fight with inadequate kit, who shoots at anything that moves (and some things that don't), then.
  4. yes and then gets prosicuted by his own govt.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Did it win Canada's Funniest Home Videos ! :twisted:
  6. Did it win Canada's Funniest Home Videos ! :twisted:[/quote]

    No it didnt, but then again nothing is funnier than the government in Canada so its tough :lol:
  7. Not sure about home videos but this footage was of two locals who were caught stealing from the camp. They were apparently givin a sound hiding then roasted over an open fire!! hence I doubt even Lisa Riley could give a funny voiceover!

    And why the Canadians had dry overseas tours from then onwards!!
  8. I can'not remember seeing that recipe on the naked chef. Must admit sounds better than eating another M.R.E.... :lol: 8)
  9. Believe it came under the heading southern fried somali :D
  10. Summary just can't beat it.
  11. This is still a very raw subject for Canadians generally and especially the former members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.

    IMO they should never had disbanded the unit, yep charge the individuals but the knee jerk reaction of the Canadian Govt was OTT.
  12. I worked with Canadian Medics in Bos. about 3 months ago.

    Very well trained, the sort of medic you would want at any incident.

    The only draw back was all the females looked like ice skaters complete with the body amour, except they weren’t wearing any.

    Still sends a shiver up my spine.