Canadian LAV (Piranha) mobility trials


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Must have some gypsy bastards around! They kept nicking his wheels!
Well, the new FRES system will have an eight wheeled hull like the LAV, so like it or not, some regiments will be swapping tracks for wheels in the near future!

All the FRES vehicles that are being trialled are not necessarily the ones for the future, they are merely technology demonstrators. Only time will tell what is coming, if there is enough budget to complete the project!!

The changes in threat our troops are encountering on almost a daily basis will form the requirement for FRES.

All the best, Nobby
i heard that the vehicles are being compared to the new 430 so it's wheels versus tracks.

also heard that only the piranha hadn't broken down yet!

any other news from the 'trials of truth'???


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