Canadian grand prix

Anyone watching this?

So far Hamilton is 7 secs in the lead and Sutil has just spanked into a wall and bowed out of the race.....again! :roll:
That Honda ad that was on with the skydivers was pretty fricking awesome, particularly as it was all done for real with no CGI!


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Like Father like son then.... Both Hamiltons write off expensive cars in the same week - oh the irony.....

Still doesn't stop me wanting Hamiltom to win!
romach said:
Hamilton rear ending Kimi, so funny!
haha, do wonder about hamilton, he does seem to make a lot of stupid 'mistakes'!

"I saw the two guys in front of me battling in the pit lane and all of a sudden they stopped," explained Hamilton, 23.

...Thats because there was a red light on....anyway they stopped well before hamilton got there, pi55 poor excuse if you ask me!
We forget that Hamilton is still a sprog. He only has 24 GP races under his belt. No excuse for fcuking up though but I'm sure he will learn. When he was interviewed during the race by Lousie Goodman, he did seem to lose his usual calm coolness. He just sounded like a blabbering teenager at the side of the road who had shunted a car at the lights being interviewed by the coppers. :roll:

Remember, no one has ever been as successful as Lewis this early in their career. He has won a quarter of all races he has driven in. Not even Schumacherbot, Prost or Senna were near him at this stage of their careers.

Still like him and still hope he can pull it off this year. But he does seem to be making it hard for himself. The key to a World Champion is consistancy and not necassarily winning the most races..

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