Canadian Government Falls

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by RCSignals, Nov 29, 2005.

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  2. Naww...they didn't fall for good...they just 'slipped on the ice'...
    Look for stylish Belinda Stronach to gain substance emerging from the


  3. Last-second-turncoat Belinda? For which party this time?
  4. 307

    307 War Hero

    Parts of Toronto need a thermonuclear strike, lasting memory of Tor sitting in a briefing for the upcoming ex, windows open as it was redders, WO giving briefing, suddenly hear a distressed 'help, help' as some crack head nicks a birds handbag. Now I know it happens in UK but Ive never seen it, broad daylight as well with a lot of people around. Also, one of the other Canuck units based where we were, Airborne lot who we had the fortune to play at their own wild drinking game and hammer the lot of them.....anyway thats another story, these airborne guys on our last night had beaten a tramp to death outside the armoury, lowered my opinion of them a bit. Loads of trmaps just sprawled out on the pavement, literally in a drunken coma, people just walk round them without batting an eyelid. They operate an open base policy to, so weird to see no fences or barbed wire, gates left open, and waking up looking out the window and seeing a crack head sleeping right their next to it. A great country and stunning city, lovely people, but just a true ghetto in some places, all very strange to a young undertravelled Brit.
  5. There are some areas of TO even the Police won't go willingly.
  6. In case any one cares- Turncoat Belinda managed to get re elected, despite changing parties last year in absolutely spectacular fashion. At least now the Conservatives are in, she is relegated to an opposition post (is she a candidate to take over from Martin?) . More detail on

    DISTRICT: Newmarket-Aurora

    Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
    Belinda Stronach LIB 27176 46.22% X
    Lois Brown CON 22371 38.05%
    Ed Chudak NDP 5639 9.59%
    Glenn Hubbers GRN 2805 4.77%
    Dorian Baxter PCP 729 1.24%
    Peter Maloney CAP 79 0.13%
  7. Neat how it all works out , isn't it?

    64% of the country voted against the Conservatives but they get to be the government [ in minority ] and call the shots 'til next time.. we're becoming as disfunctional as Italy with multi-parties, one issue groups and minority rule changing hands back and forth..Can't wait until the Marijuana Party gets its sh*t together and forms the government.. :lol: :lol:
  8. This is the classic complaint from smaller parties in any country that does not use proportional representation-the Greens complaint in Canada at the moment for sure, as despite $1M federal funding for the election they failed to get even one member elected. Now, what was that complaint they made about the leader not being allowed to take part in the televised leaders debate?
  9. What is typical, is how much of Ontario and Quebec still vote Liberal
  10. Well, at least you kept some traditions from the old country- TCB was returned to power with almost the same percentage of the vote.

    Liberals got 17.9% of the vote in Quebec, although presumably by some freak of the first past the post system, they got 21 of 75 seats.

    At least the new boy gave the idiot living downstairs something to think about on his first day, eh?

    Heard the spoof Liberal attack ad by Rick Mercer on NPR the other day- brilliant.

  11. [/quote]

    Yes, the great Canadian waffle. Maybe this time they really will patrol the claimed Arctic passage.

    At one time Canada was to build Nuclear powered submarines for the purpose. Never happened.