Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OPPO, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Don't think this has been posted before. If it has then I'm a plug... :oops:

    Heard about this and thought it may interest some. Seems a lot of Canadian people have respect for the Canadian troops killed in Afghanistan even if they don't agree with the op.
  2. Signed, shame our country doesn't have the same respect for our fallen who fly into Brize Norton.
  3. If only us Brits could show the same respect to our fallen heroes
  4. I know I am cynical but I cannot see the Government naming a road for Kempsford to Whelford, for our fallen servicemen, or even the A417.

    I am afraid someone hit the nail on the head. Our current government seem to be doing all they can to undermine the whole of the armed forces, and in particular the injured and fallen. I do not know of any other western government that shuns it military so openly and blatantly. NO wonder we cannot recruit or get support.
  5. AND --- if only the tories had a strong powerful leader (preferrably in the Paddy Ashdown mould, i.e. ex military, honest, strong- willed and speaks openly), we just might have a chance at the next election of doing something for our armed forces
  6. And yet they keep insisting that all is well and we have no recruiting problems. I think someone is telling Porkies don't you :(
  7. I'm sure the tories looked after the Falkland and NI vets during their terms in**ox
  8. Oh and Gulf 1,tories were in charge then weren't they.GWS was on their watch,no help from the tory government for vets there.
  9. Unless it gets them votes, ALL politicians, regardless of party are shite when it comes to treating our service personnel with respect and honour.

    They only spark with mock sincerity when it looks like it'll costs them a lot of votes. The people as a whole don't care that much about the forces as long as they have petrol for their cars.

    As a result, no reason for the pollies to give a "pretend" shite in this case either.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC I saw a peice on one of the news channels of the Mayor of Wooten Basset and a line of people lining the road outside Lyneham
    So maybe some cares
  11. easymoney, good words, everyone seems to think the Tories were the armys friends they werent

  12. MoD website not showing any of the repatriation ceremonies either.

    Locals up nearby Lynham regulary doff caps when the convoy comes by. :cry:

    See this is wiltshire for details.
  13. Some of the relatives asked for this, i think its upto the family
  14. Signed.. Make a land fit for Heroes, Canada was built by heroes. My signature was 38342. Hope there is many more