Canadian ex-General Not Greasing Palms?


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Former Canadian Army General jailed in Afghanistan - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency

“He was leaving a meeting at the ministry office and a couple of officials approached him.

They said, ‘We’ve got a problem with something and we’d like you to come with us to clear it up.’ Off he went and the next thing he knew he was going to be detained until they cleared it up.”

Gavaghan further added that Ménard has not been charged with breaking any laws, and has been arrested due to misunderstandings related to its licence to operate in Afghanistan as a private security firm.
I didn't read of this in the Afghan Monthly Progress Report.

Glad the last 13yrs haven't been a totally wasted effort < sarcasm
Probably more to do with the fact that a lot of PSC's are being given their marching orders and the extensions that were in place from last year have suddenly stopped. There are ways around it but travelling in your B6 Land Cruiser now more than likely result in arrest or at least weapon removals. Of course we can rely on the APPF to take on that role because they are more than capable!!!
Hmmm looks like I escaped all this bollocks when i turned down a management job there last year.
Daniel Ménard, ex-Canadian general, released from Afghan prisonénard-ex-canadian-general-released-from-afghan-prison-1.2543215?cmp=rss

Looks like he's been sprung from prison. His employer is not talking much, but it appears the issue was about whether the company had the correct licenses for 129 rifles and 148 radios. Ménard would have been the person held responsible as he was the top guy on site for his employer (GardaWorld).
Daniel Ménard, the former Canadian brigadier-general held in an Afghan jail on gun-running charges, has been released from prison.

Ménard had been imprisoned since January in his current role as an executive for private security company GardaWorld.

A newspaper carrying a report from Kabul on Jan. 30 alleged Ménard's run-in with the law centred on accusations of possessing military equipment without permission, including 129 rifles and 148 radios.

GardaWorld later told CBC News the issue had been resolved and that Ménard's release "should happen imminently," but word of his actual release did not come until this week.

GardaWorld confirmed Ménard's release in a statement to CBC News on Wednesday.

"This situation was about the administration of a license, as we disclosed previously, and not about gun-running," spokesman Joe Gavaghan said in an email to CBC News.

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