Canadian eagle takes baby for ride

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Reversionary_Modes, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. I saw one carry off a ground squirrel but a crow screamed and flew straight at it. The squirrel survived, seems crows aren't fans.
  2. So thats what Savile got reincarnated as.
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  3. HOLY SHIT INDEED!!!!! just like the dad said...............
  4. Blimey!
    I'm only surprised that the video camera owner abandoned filming to try to stop it; I'd expect most people to stand around filming and generally being worse than useless.
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  5. ......"Eagle dropped little dude from at least a foot off the ground. poor baby :( Did the eagle think it was food or it's child? so many questions."
    They breed them dense in Canada.
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  6. Having seen what our sea eagles will lift and carry off, I am not surprised in the slightest. People appear to have no comprehension that to many animals we, homo sapiens are nothing more than a potential meal. Its going to be interesting in the next few years when more folks have their cats and dogs taken by the sea eagles re-introduced by RSPB/ SNH without much thought as to the consequences of their predation. I just wonder if little old ladies will be as keen on these animal 'charity’s' when they see tiddles being lifted by a flying 'barn door.'
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  7. You say that like there is a downside, the more cats that get eliminated can only be for the better.
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  8. If only someone had had a gun...
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  9. The wee dude must have shat itself, one minute sitting in the park, and the next been hauled up in the air, jesus!
  10. Some years ago Mrs OT was Christmas shopping in a shopping center in the Essex suburban wastes when an old lady collapsed. The usual cluster of clueless wibblers and rubber neckers gathered around her. At that point, a young man stepped smartly forward. He picked up her shopping bags and legged it through the crowds.
  11. She might have had frozen goods and he was runing to her freezer?
  12. As a former professional falconer I have hunted Roe deer and fox with Golden Eagles in the Czech Republic.
    Most raptors are simply awesome predators and the eagle group, when committted are deadly to say the least.
    The Czech falconers group I hunted alongside stopped using certain dogs with the eagles at one point as several were killed.
    In Siberia and elsewhere, the falconers use eagles to hunt wolves from horse back!!

    hunting wolves with a golden eagle in Mongolia. Kazajstán-Ky - YouTube

    A toddler caught out in the park and especially if wearing a fur coat and hat especially could be considered fair game to a hungry eagle in yarak however, I am inclined to believe the eagle in this case had possibly been imprinted on humans, perhaps by being released on conclusion of release scheme or lost/released falconry trained bird. Interesting!
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  13. I was once stolen by a magpie.
  14. You're the one poisoning them all aren't you?