Canadian Captain Rescues Women


A Victoria woman is safe today after being rescued from a harrowing outbreak of violence in Cameroon in western Africa.

The Foreign Affairs Department is warning Canadians not to travel to Cameroon after riots earlier this week made the area unsafe.

But for Lindsay Luke, a 26-year-old graduate of Camosun College, the warning came too late. Luke has been in the African country since late September on an employment internship organized by Camosun and the Canadian International Development Agency.

A Canadian military officer who identified himself as Capt. Ed Smith rescued Luke and Taryn Barry of Edmonton yesterday morning from a residence in Limbe, driving them 30 kilometres to Buea, which is in a safer area.

"He got an armoured personnel carrier from the Cameroon military, went into Limbe from Buea and got the two girls back to a safer hotel," said Luke's mother, Tracy Shenton of Victoria.
"He got an armoured personnel carrier from the Cameroon military
sounds like he had to do this at gun point :D
Apparently he pulled up in the APC and said "You are the first two pregnant women I've rescued today."

One replied "We aren't pregnant!"

He replied "You aren't rescued yet..."

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