Canadian Capt sues to avoid saluting or toasting the Queen

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cdognr, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Check this F'wit out. He is reg PPCLI and an associate prof at RMC (part of the faculty) Now suing everyone including CDS because he does not want to do the loyal toast or recognise the Queen of Canada. I suppose his changing his name to the Irish version of Harold Kenny is the action of a perfectly sane man? Talk about taking the Queen's shilling under false pretences.

    Heres a picture of the cnut -I see he has to still be called H Kenny in his email address!!

    Resign immediately, I say!
  2. What an odd man - has he got current Sinn Fein membership????
  3. Let's get him on Arrse to make his case! If he's got the courage of his convictions, and isn't a total throbber, I'm sure he'll leap at the chance to pontificate!
  4. I guess he wasn't paying too much attention when he took his oath.
  5. -He does realize he's Serving in the Military?

    "thinks displays of Loyalty degrading"?- Loyalty to each other, and our Leaders is a Huge part of Soldiering, no matter what Country your from, IMO.

    Fcuk resigning, he should be charged, whats the British, Canadian Version of the UCMJ?

    He's a Commissioned Officer fercrissakes, where does he think it came from , a cereal box?
  6. LD - we have QRs = Queens regulations, if I am not totally misguided there is something about treason in there but hey, canadians - what do you expect, half of them, like the Australians etc do not want our monarch any more....
  7. Hasent he got better things to do like afganistian. Probably sueing to get out of that as well . Nuggett.
  8. He may be Professor of Physics, but he's obviously a complete tw@t.

    Did the train of the thought go something like "I am an Irish Republican with a passionate hatred of the British Monarchy and State... so which country shall I emigrate to in order to join its Army..."

    If he doesn't like HM The Queen, why doesn't he f@ck off to the Foreign Legion? I'm sure he'll get lots of time to ponce around as a pseudo academic there.

  9. Simple - Shoot the tw@t for treason!
    Job done - next

  10. A prawn of the highest order, an insult to all the Canadians.

    Show him the door
  11. The queen is (currently) the Canadian head of state.

    It is policy for serving officers to salute the Canadian queen.

    If he wants that changed, he should right to his political representatives / media to get the law / rules changed. Taking the Canadian armed forces to court over it seems a touch cowardly to me.

  12. LineDoggie wrote that the chap

    Nail-head. But it looks like he's a 'schoolie' and has a commission to reflect his professional status rather than any martial prowess. Probably a boffin on ballistics but couldn't manage a stoppage.

    Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh is it? I bet the Mess just call him ' cnut'. A disgrace to Canadians, military and civilian past and present not to mention Irishmen (not plastic paddies like him) who fight, fought and died for the Crown.
  13. SkiCarver wrote

    It's even widespread military ethics to salute any foreign head of state, all officers of all armed forces including enemy officers (perhaps not during contact), coffins, the unfurled colours of any Armed Forces (not the battle ensign on the warship trying to sink you). Soldiers stand for national anthems (notwithstanding the RN/RM and some other mess exemptions).

    Harry (because that's his name) is as much of a bad mannered troublemaking git as the teaching assistant behind the curtain. He has no case by any reckoning.
  14. I agree that this guy should have thought about this when he took the oath and all the other perks that go with it. There is a middle ground here though. I had no problem taking the oath when I joined up but I certainly would not want to see a British monarch back as my head of state.

    Maybe the Canadians should do what the Aussies did a few years ago and have a referedum on the matter.

    Reg002 - Back across the water!
  15. Well we have his email addy,

    could always spam the superman curled stroker......

    bollox can'y be bothered