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Has anybody used/seen the Canadian RCAC C7 Rifle? If so, is it any good and all the other questions! Some of my cadets are going to Canada and want to know..
The C7 is basically a better made and more reliable version of the US M16A2 manufactured in Canada by Diemaco.

Some C7s are used by The 16 Air Assault Brigade Pathfind Platoon, and Brigade Recce Troop RM amongst others, and our SF units have the shorter C8SFW (L119A1).

I fired some shots with the C7 which is also in use at the danish homeguard. The rifle is lightweight, easy to handle and has nearly no recoil. It´s like the M16A2 except some modifications.

I had some problems with the iron sight but the attachable scope is really great.

Here are some links:

If your cadets get the chance to train with an M16 before they go to Canada they won´t have any problems with the C7.

Mr Happy

I thought the C7 is a version of the R4?

Anyway, its been mention on Arrse quite a few times given that it (and/or the C 8) are UKSF issue (that's public knowledge). If you use the search option for Arrse you'll find plenty of comments.

Don't know if the sight system is the same for Canadians as UKSF but if it is you shouldn't miss much.

Mr H
Oh the C7 'Rifle'....I thought you ment the upcoming President's Dinner.

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While Crowe eats Crow

as to yer 5.56mm I don't...however these folks have some info:



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There are a number of differences between the C7s and the M16A2, the most notable being the lack of a burst fire facility.

The Canucks decided that it was better to train sldrs to release the trigger at the end of a burst than to give them a sear which gives a different let off pressure should three rds not have been released.

The mags, with their external horizontal stiffening ribs can be a problem if there are no dividers in the mag pouches. Also the follower was re-designed a few years ago to prevent a 'bolt-over-base' stoppage.

The wpns are no more flimsy than M16s, having a cast upper and lower receiver, but if you want something that feels solid & 'meaty' we return to the SLR...
But that's another discussion !

Mr Happy, the R4 is a strengthened/slightly larger version of the Israeli Galil, itself an AK variant.
(The R5 and R6 are progressively shorter versions.)
The R4 mags, while the metal versions are heavy, are probably the most robust 5.56 mags on the market.

The Canucks, Danes and to a certain extent the Cloggies use the Hughes-Leitz Elcan 4x scope. Certain units use ACOGs and some 'red-dot' types, Aimpoint amongst others.

Further information available directly from Diemaco themselves:

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