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"Canadian" buttons ?

Does anyone out there know how I can obtain the type of buttons that are used on combat smocks . we used to call them "Canadian buttons". The type that have slots with tape through them, the tape being sewn to the garment to secure the button. I have tried searching on the web with no luck.

Any helpful sugestions would be most appreciated.
(As I am now retired, the QMs is out).

Cheers all.
Hi BZ,

Many thanks for the info. I have been on to Johnsons, but they do'nt

have any left.

They called them "combat '95 buttons", is this the correct name ?

Kind Regards

Glyn 0956
Oopps Mis-read the thread and thought it said 'Canadian Bottoms' - alluding to the at 1st glance stunning ladies in the Med Hat area, beautifully proportioned ladies until they stand up and then its a case of 'where the fcuk did that come from?", pare shaped ladies who must have to rub paper on the back of their necks just to wipe their arses - Alberta Bottom I think the term is.

Anyway as for buttons - most decent amry and navy stores should tsock them or similar.
If you buy a Web-Tex sewing kit from your local surplus shop it comes with a supply of spare buttons and tape.

Hope this helps.

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