Canadian as a British Officer?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Canadian_Guardsman, Jun 7, 2003.

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  1. Hey lads,
    I've been lurking on your site for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed myself. I've got an idea that i would like a little input on from you guys.

    I have just recently graduated from University with my Honors BA. I served for 4 years with the Coldstream Guards Canadian sister regiment, The Governor General's Footguards here in Canada. I outcleared as a Master Corporal.
    Whilst working with the GGFG, i had the opportunity to work with the British Military on many occasions, both on exercise and on operations (Bosnia and CFSAC), and was continually impressed by their professionalism and drive.
     As some of you may or may not know, opportunity in the Canadian forces is quite limited. Not to mention the lack of public support, lack of funds, and archaic state of our equipment. I have been considering crossing the pond to serve in the British Army as an officer. My medical has already been cleared and they have asked me to move to the UK to continue with my POC, testing , and RCB.
     As a Canadian, is this a good idea? Are there many Canadians serving in the British Forces? Canadian officers?

    I have so many questions and very little access to people who can give me a straight answer. The recruiters aren't allowed to tell you certain aspects of army life and I am looking for the real low down from some serving members.

    Would it be a difficult go as a Canadian? I enjoy a challenge, but it has to be at least obtainable.

    Good or bad idea?


    Canadian Guardsman   :)
  2. Come on lads.....give us a hand :)
  3. no i aint giving you a hand job  ;D
  4. I don't recall meeting any Canadian Officers, but I remember a Canadian Guardsman with the Welsh Guards back in 1987-8.

    You shouldn't have too many dramas, I know of plenty of Colonials in the Army.  Lots of Rhodesians/Zimbabweans, Australians etc.  
    We are a fairly friendly bunch, we'll talk to anyone who buys beer!

    I would reccomend the British Army, even though I am jumping ship to Australia (hopefully!) soon.
  5. There are many Canadians serving in the British Army though I am not sure of their citizenship.

    I suggest one of the following:

    - A visit to the UK to your sponsor Regiment.

    - Ring any Army Careers Office in the UK (they will tell you everything about Army life and there are no restrictions on what they can tell you - provided the information is not classified).

    - Speak to the Canadian Embassy in the UK for the contact details of some Canadian exchange officers here in the UK who you can discuss the matter with.  Or ring the British Embassy in Canada and speak to the British Army Defence Attache.
  6. Dear Mr Guardsman,
      Although I'm a light blue type, I know of at least 2 Canadians and an Aussie who were allowed to transfer to the RAF and are currently serving as Flt Lt's.  Additionally, the recent sad demise of the RNZAF fast jet fleet has seen an influx of Kiwi aircrew into the RAF.  I would temper this info by pointing out that each was already a serving officer in their own nations AF.  

      However, nationality requirements are the same for all British forces, so I would not expect you to face too many hurdles.  If you require additional info, PM me and I'll put you in touch with one of the RAF Canadians.

      Best of luck!


    ...stands by for incoming volley of 'the Crabs will let anyone in' etc banter!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  7. If one of them is in 18 Sqn on the Wokka fleet, then it is a small world as I got riotously minging with him in August at the Savoy. Spent the next morning paying homage to the porcalain God, much to the amusement of my then (RN) boss.

    Please don't do yourself down, it deprives the rest of us of the opportunity  ;D
  8. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    With regards to Canucks, Aussies, Boks and Kiwis etc joining our forces, I thought as a minimum they had to have at least one parent from the UK or hold a Brit passport.

    Failing that I understood it was then up to the Home Secretary (or some other Govt bigwig) to make a decision on an individual basis.

    All the 'colonials' I served with all had one or both parents from the UK.
  9. Canada is still considered part of the commonwealth. I do not need to be a citizen of the UK, or even posses a UK passport, to enlist.

    Thanks for all the replies lads!
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