Canadian Army Transfer

In need of some help/information on transfering from Brit army to canadian. If anyone has any it would be greatly received, or if you have already done it and how? Cheers
Your only allowed to be in their Logistics if you are fat old and lazy.

If you can run fast backwards you will be assigned to a French Canadian Bn.

The first place to start is write to the Canadian Embassy clicky

oh and learn to play Ice Hockey if you want to fit in.
You need to be citizen of Canada.
You may apply for citizenship after being a landed immigrant (PR) for 2 years. It takes about 2 years to become a landed immigrant, and you need to apply from outside the country.
Transfer as exists with the Australian army is not an option with the Canadian. Unlike the rest of the commonwealth, Canada will not take foreign types in it's forces, Quebec would winge too much.Well they are French, speaks for itself.
Hi McN

Some right and some wrong advice around here.

I PVR'd last year, immigrated to Canada and enrolled with the CF in Sep.

The CF Recruiting web site tells you all about it here:

I was recently told by HQ Canadian Forces Recruiting Group that there has been a change from Oct last year in that you no longer need to actually hold PR when you enrol. They will enrol you on a temporary work visa provided you have applied for PR. This speeds the immigration somewhat and gets you to Canada sooner. I hear PR takes up to 4 years now.

Thus you DO NOT need to be a Canadian citizen (which takes 3 years of residence in Canada) to join the CF. You need the waiver of citizenship from CFRG.

Come on over and join the rest of us enjoying great work and great quality of life!

The only down side is that they have to want your skills and will only recruit you if they have a vacancy that you can fill. Sadly they don't have a recruiting drive to match the Aussies, but it's worth a try and there are vacancies.


I too am thinking about jumping over to the CF.

Quick Q for you (if it's not too personal). did you serve your 22 or transfer your pension over (if that is possible)?

I've done some looking on the net, but can only find advice for getting pension payments and the payment of tax on it (britishexpat website).

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Furry

Being of the rodney variety 22 wasn't necessary, I did serve over 16 and thus have a UK mil pension.

The CF changed their pension rules (bit like AFPS 75 to 05 rule change I guess) in March 2007, so before I joined the CF. Under the old rules I found a pension buy back scheme but it wasn't exactly clear how it worked. Since the new rules came in I cannot find anything about pension buy back for foreign service (there is for Canadian reserves and RCMP). But I was told by the pension department to stick in the forms and they would look into it. You have to apply within a deadline of enroling I cannot remember tonight, 12 months I think.

If I don't hear back from them soon, I will chase them up. No definitive answer now, I'm afraid.

Seems to be that there are still vacancies in most branches of the CF so good luck with your application. Give me a shout by PM if I can help any more.

Hi Rodders,

Longtime since I've posted on here.

I am just about to retire from HMF (26years, LE Major etc) but, and this is a big but ... I hold a Canadian passport by parentage (my dad was a Canadian).

I am thinking of applying for CF but I'm not sure what the lifestyle is like. What is the mindset of CF personnel? Is it very British and pragmatic or American and dogmatic?

Thanks in anticipation,
AirborneApe said:
Hi Rodders,
...I am thinking of applying for CF but I'm not sure what the lifestyle is like. What is the mindset of CF personnel? Is it very British and pragmatic or American and dogmatic?

To get a bit of what our mindset is like, lurking at our version of ARRSE may help.

Like here there are sub boards on recruiting, foreign nationals serving, and various trades etc. that may answer some questions for you, although specific stuff will have to come from official CF sourses ie recruiters.

IMHO the mindset sits quite nicely between ... "this is f**king shit" and "give'm hell boy"!

Life's good at the moment, funding is good and the kit is great. Life's busy, tours and training, leave for newbies is a miserly 4 weeks rising to 5 after 5 yrs (6 after 35 I think!). Numbers are a bit down on what they want so recruiting is being pushed hard so there's a nice opportunity for you!!! In comparison the pay is excellent, pension is good, benefits of health and dental care (inc family) are good. There's the same pain in the arse stuff at times, but aside from running the Casino I don't think you get away from that, so, what more can I say?

Come on over and give it a shot, eh?


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