Canadian Application to Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by PhaseSpace, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. Hello, I am a Canadian who is in the process of making an application to the British forces as an Officer. I am currently set up for my initial interview and RCB Breifing this coming November. I have a few questions that I hope that people here would be able to answer for me:

    1) At what point will I be given a physical test (Press ups, running, etc) is that test right before the entrance to Sandhurst or at one of the RCB meetings? Or both?

    2) I have chosen a couple regiments that I am interested in. Some of these regiments offer weekend intro courses where they basically let you play soldier for a couple days and show you their trade. Have any of you done this? What is the common age for that? I am 25 and don't want to be the "old man" there running around with 16 year olds. lol

    3) How are foreign recruits treated at Sandhurst? I am concerned about this because I know how important it is to 'fit in' in these situations, and I will most definatly have a accent. Will I have an exceptional amount of trouble being accepted by the other troops and the staff? I do expect some flack, but as long as it is reasonable I can deal with it.

    Any info you can provide is appreciated.

  2. 1) Your questions as to fitness test and what to expect at RCB can be answered on the RCB website.

    2) The visits I’ve been on have mostly had 19-20 year old student types

    3) Don’t know haven’t got there yet!
  3. Being a Canuck in the system over here, I can offer my 2 pence worth on your questions:

    1) 25 is not so bad nowadays - now that the age requirement has been bumped up to 30. You'll still have a fair bit of kids there, though. I did RCB in 99 and was by far the oldest - apart from the DS...

    2) The phys doesn't really appear until you pass your briefing and attend RCB proper. You do a bit on the briefing, but nothing outrageous.

    3) Don't worry about the being Canadian bit - just be prepared for the difference in language usage - Bollocks = Bad, Dogs Bollocks = Good, etc... You will be the target for some joking, but having a sense of humour is a must!

    Your Fam Visits you're going on will be great fun. Be yourself, be friendly, and ask questions. The officers mess is not for the shy and timid. Get out and meet some of the lads and go out on the lash with some of the subbies - these will be your future colleagues, so make the most of it.

    I had a blast when I was going through it all - enjoy the experience!
  4. I went on a fam visit last year and had a great time. We had a variety of ages on our visit from kids in their final years at school to some people who had graduated as well as students. It was a great way to find out about the army and different corps and meet some people who have recently been thru sandhurst. Plus a chance to have a few (!) drinks with like minded people. I'm now hoping to do my RCB soon.
    Good luck!
  5. I went on a fam visit last year and had a great time. We had a variety of ages on our visit from kids in their final years at school to some people who had graduated as well as students. It was a great way to find out about the army and different corps and meet some people who have recently been thru sandhurst. Plus a chance to have a few (!) drinks with like minded people. I'm now hoping to do my RCB soon.
    Good luck!
  6. FAM visits usually have a good range of participants - usually about 17-23 sort of range so i wouldn't worry, as has already been mentioned the RCB pages tell you about the fitness - but i wouldn;t worry, if you are think carefully about joining!

  7. I was at RMAS with a Canadian. He certainly wasn't lumped in with the true overseas students, but we did call him "the white floppy" :wink: Seriously, though, he had no problems - having served as a Para soldier for three years probably didn't do him any harm, either.

    The physical testing will start at RCB, but it doesn't really get tough until you get to RMAS. I passed my pre-Sandhurst tests easily but struggled badly with PT throughout the Commissioning Course. That said, I was a lazy bastard who made the mistake of taking up smoking.

    Fam visits are definitely fun, but I'm not sure how useful they will be to someone in your position. You will get exposure to different regiments and Corps whilst you're at RMAS and, other than the fact that you need a sponsor regiment to go to RCB, there isn't much to get out of a fam visit.

  8. PhaseSpace, I see you've made it to civilisation from the scary redneck infested wilderness of

    I would say do as many fam visits as possible, particularly the RA one, if only for the free food and cheap booze.
  9. Hi Everyone, thanks for your responses they have been helpful.

    Ha ha! Any particular reason for the name 'White floppy'?

    Bladensburg, yes it appears that I have found more civilized territory. is kind of creepy :? :wink: I will most certainly take your advice on the cheap booze part.... and I really seem to enjoy free food....Maybe I will visit several regiments! lol
  10. You will love RMAS and don't worry about being a floppy (the Kuwait cadets are known as Fat Lazy Overseas Persons aka FLOP or FLOPpy). It's all in good taste.
    Don't worry about the phys side - that is what Sandhurst is for. You will also get the opportunity to visit one or two Regiments during your second term. The friends and experiences will having a lasting impact.

    PS - I was a 'military virgin' on going to Sandhurst - prepare yourself for abbreviations and slang gone mad while at 'Sandbags'.

    PPS - I haven't been on chat pages of but the video clips are very funny
  11. Phase Space, what Corps/Regiments interest you?

    What makes you choose Sandhurst and not the CF?

    Just curious.
  12. I have an appointment set up with a Para regiment. I have been in contact with a couple other regiments. I will try to visit about 3 different ones for the month of November. But I am still looking through different websights to get an idea of what I am interested in. I know I am very interested in Para, but I could easily discover that is not the best role for me. I am finding it hard to know where I will be able to contribute the best...I will figure it out soon enough.

    Hard question to answer really. I did put my application into the CF in January, I quickly discovered how underfunded our military is these days. The current government is neglecting forces badly and equipment, training, and the soldiers themselves are overstreched and do not seem very happy with the situation.

    I am still willing to go with the CF, it is still a fantastic army despite all these problems, but it give the appearance that I would not be in training until sometime in very late 2005 to early 2006, if you can believe that!

    I did a lot of research into the Army, and eventually started reading up on the British Army. Seems to be much more opportunity to do different things, and get great training. Better funding and overall a greater challenge for myself being in another country and having to deal with being the outside man...aka 'floppy' :)

    Overall, the idea of joining the with Brits slowly grew on me and the more I thought about it, the more I felt it was the best decision for me.
  13. Underfunded-check,
    lack of decent equipment-check (well ok most of it is there, just gets lost on way to theatre-where did those 2000 units of body armour end up anyway?).
    Poor training-ok we're good with the mainstream training, but fighting to get on some courses can be a pain in the arse from what I hear, and it can be a bit of a lottery with your training teams.
    Overstretched-we're stretchier than a stretchy thing on a stretched day during national stretching week.
    Unhappy with the situation-well quite a few of us seem to have a gripe or two, but we stag on anyway.

    Feck I'm a cynic and I've only been in half a year or so.
  14. Well, I am certainly not under the impression that everything is all heavenly with your forces as well. I am sure there are various amounts of problems, just like anywhere.

    Like I said, the 'why' is a hard question to answer because there are a lot of different reasons. I feel it is the better option for me, so I am going to go with it. It just feels like the right path to take.

    Do you feel your forces are streched really thin because of the operation in Iraq? Or did you feel streched before that?
  15. I think you are doing the right thing as well PhaseSpace, knowing the CF as I do. ( not that it's all bad, but it's not been getting better)
    If I was starting out, i may well do as you are now.