Canadian Anti Tank Blooper !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by H3, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. H3

    H3 LE

  2. Lol, very funny, it just plops out like a turd..

    Stinger is an AAM, Hellfire is a platform launched missile (e.g. Helicopter).
  3. Le Whoopsy :)
  4. Name that missile.

    ERYX? Surprised that the boost motor doesn't kick it out further than that, although it does "soft" launch that allows it to be fired in confined spaces. Plopping (technical term) maybe a consequence of this. The new Javelin can also be fired from inclosed spaces so there might be some British "RUN AWAY" scenes.

    Flakeshag Stinger is a SAM. Hellfire is a AGM, the reference to tecnoligical advancement can is not a reference to the mode of the missile, but refers to the way the missile performs. i.e MACLOS (i.e SWINGFIRE), SACLOS (i.e JAVELIN S15) and ACLOS (i.e RAPIER). Just because a missile is advanced does not make it the best out there. Swingfire technology is 50+ years old and there is still no armour that can defeat it.
  5. Exept CR2's 2nd-Gen Chobham?
  6. Probably beats that as well there's alot of very good HE in that nose and it flys so slowly that the monroe effect is not degraded, but this need never be tested as we are not american so are unlikely to shoot ourselves.

    Solution - get faster tanks :headbang: