Hey there

not sure if this is in right place? pls move it if not and sorry lol

i was wondering if anyone had any info on canada as a post?
hubby and us are off there for 2 years in agu

we have a 15 month old son also

any stuff about it wld b great x :oops:


Alberta is the most expensive Province to live in at the moment, oil sand exploration has done this, however you will be blessed with a quarter so make the most of all time off and get out and see Gods Country. My family are East Coasters from before WW1 and we go and visit as often as the shekells allow!
I think in Alberta you get car insurance from the Provincial Govt so make the most of it!
yeah hubby said that is where we are headin to!

so is it free car ins?
what is it like for wee kids?

i have heard that the road are just straight there, that is good for me lol

i cant wait to get there now

thanks very much for the reply x


Check out the provincial govt website, I'm sure they did it 2 years ago otherwise you are treated like a 17 year old unless you have insurance with a company that trades in Canada.
Suffield or Wainwright, neither are much of a town but Wanright is the worst by all accounts, still you wont be living with the hicks eh!
Roads are pretty styraight, make sure you get the most out of the trip and dont waste time and money flying back here for hols. The Canadians are as friendly as the Yanks and generally polite with it. They also have a great respect for their service personnel.
Enjoy it, I cant comment for your nipper as I was 21 the first time I went there!
Canada, eh? After 2 years on exchange we came back permanently! Great for you and the kids. If you're off to BATUS Calgary is a great city, the dinosaur parks are fascinating and the Rockies are within reach for a weekend. The focus is on outdoor lifestyle, lakes, rivers, mountains, camping but there are great shopping malls if you need them. I guess Suffield is a bit remote in the winter (not been posted there), maybe someone else will reply on that.

You will pay for car insurance, but generally it is cheaper in the provinces that have provincial scheme, as oposed to Ontario where I live that is just like UK where you choose your own company.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a great time.


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