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The cheapest way to call landline and mobile numbers anywhere in the world is through Skype... so maybe you should check with 3 and see if their Skype embedded phones work in Canada. If not you can get pay-as-you-go account straight from Skype and there are several Skype-only mobile handsets available on the internet. Again, probably best to check how well the handsets work in big vast Canada.
Or just purchase from Loblaws (a local grocery store) a phone card with cheap per minute rates. (Seems Loblaws carries phone cards with very good rates as opposed to local corner stores)
angusjackson said:
I'm going to Canada soon can anyone give me advice on cheapest way to call home from a mobile?
Phone your service provider and explain the situation. I know Orange will add a 'roaming' package to your contract, which gives you fairly reasonable rates when calling from abroad.

Whatever you do, don't try to use your phone without making that call first. It'll work, but your next bill will be insane.
I'm in Canada at the mo, and there are plenty of company's that do phone cards $20 gets you bout 2000 mins to uk landlines.
Shaw internet provide a pay as you go service for $20 a month as well.
You could try two tin cans and a really long piece of string.
Simples. 8)
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