Canada warrior training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stallion_max, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Ill soon be joining 5 rifles where ill be going to Canada for warrior training for 6-8 weeks, anyone been before, and if so whats the training and weather like this time of year?
  2. It will be between hot and very hot for you. With lots of mossies. The training you will receive will be some of the most realistic you can get.

    And you will be thrashed.
  3. Especially those things that fly out of DRES, they could pick up your Warrior never to be seen again. Get down the SIN BIN, classy birds...mind the bleach powder puddles covering the puke patches.
  4. SIN BIN is long gone.
  5. Depends where in Canada you go. BATUS will be abou 5-10 C. Here in Quebec/Eastern ontari, it's a high of -4C down to -18-22C with literally 4-7 ft. of snow on ground, depending on the terrain. No mossies, tho, hahaha.
  6. I'd rather have the mossies than the stinky French/Canadians. Anyway with Paddy's day just gone aren't you all Irish? Or have you already reverted back.
  7. Actually Ding, 1/2 French Canadien, 1/2 Ulsterman. Why? You're probably welsh, so glass houses and all that.CHeers
  8. How very dare you. I'm an Englishman through and through :p
  9. So part Italian, German, Belgian, Norwegian, Swedish, Celt and French then? I see a pure blood! :twisted:
  10. I don't think the Brits have done any large scale "training" in Quebec since 1759. :D
  11. Well thank fcuk they did THAT training. Vive le Quebec esclave, estie! If you want to come back and do it again, you have at least 1 scorpion-qualified armd gunner willing to volunteer his services to wipe out the separatiste filth!