Canada VS UK....Help needed from the ARRSE masses.

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by cdn_spr, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Dear fellow ARRSErs,

    I come to you, cap in hand, in dire need of assistance. Long story short, I need to provide my missus with a nice long list of reasons to stay in Canada and not re-emigrate back to the UK.

    The background to this dillema is as follows. I am a Canadian citizen, who joined the British Army back in the early 2000's. Met the missus during my last year of service, fell in love, got hitched, and then moved back home. Initially she loved it, and still does love many things about Canada, however recently she has become a little disenfranchised with our fair land due to the fact that we live in a small town, I have been away alot (as I transferred back to the Canadian Army and subsequently did an Afghan tour), she misses her friends and family quite a bit, and now basically wants to sack it all in and move back to Blighty.

    We have 2 kids (boys), a 4 bed, 2 bath fully detached house on an 80'x100' lot that backs onto woods, in a town with 2 beaches, 1 ski hill in town, 3-4 massive ski resorts nearby, at the back door of Algonquin Park, and a place where we can leave for a week forgetting to lock the door and come home to our neighbours shovelling the snow out of our drive for us. Crime here amounts to the odd stop sign being shot at on a back road, and speeding.

    I need some good reasons to help me convince her to stay here. My keeping up with UK current affairs is generally done via ARRSE so my view is of doom and gloom, economy down the toilet, crime up etc etc. She asks me why I want to stay in Canada and being the not-so-well-spoken git that I am, can only reply 'cause the UK is shit' (Please, no offence meant!!). Also, all I can think of is the 6 1/2 years I spent in the British Army where I was told on a daily basis, ''why the f*ck did you come to England?''

    Your collective help is much appreciated!!!!
  2. The economy is fcuked, the tax is getting higher and higher, Petrol near me is currently £1.40 a litre, if you live here and go abroad the exchange rates are so poor it's enough to make you cry. I was looking to go to Thailand this year the £ is worth half of what it was a couple of years ago. VAT has risen and we've the budget tommorrow. Energy prices are also through the roof I've a fairly small house and my last quarters gas bill was £600.
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  3. You're f*cked for cheap ciggies then, J?
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Eastenders, Coronation St, Emerdale ..........WTF would anyone want to come back here to these depressing programmes?
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  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    UK is indeed shit, but if you feel the need to mention how many baths you have as an attraction, where you live sounds boring as hell (and your mrs told me she hates skiing).

    As a single parent in UK she will get at least 2000 quid a month in benefits, and Leroy in the flat next door will make sure that no criminals ever bother her.....
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  6. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't listen to the voices of doom. I'm quite prepared to swap you my 3 bed detached in a Market town for your property. ;-)
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  7. I'm still undecided but i'm keeping an eye on exchange rates, the cost of food and hotels will of course cost double.
  8. How about if you sell your very nice sounding Canadian property you can take that money and use it as a deposit to buy a one bedroom flat near the train station in a dirty Northern used-to-be-industrial town. Your immediate neighbours will be prostitutes (not the expensive kind) and drug addicts (possibly both at once). You wont be able to afford to go skiing or to the beach. You will be lucky to only be the victim of crime once a fortnight.
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  9. Thanks all for the varied and amusing replies. Sorry for mentioning the number of baths, yes that does make me sound like a complete prat. Please disregard!

    I respond to her that for open, natural green spaces really Canada can't be beat, she replies that there is still some natural beauty left in the UK, but to my memory that may be correct but you'd still be within earshot of a motorway!

    And apologise for any offence caused by the 'UK is shit' comment. That is personal opinion. When I lived there, there was alot I did like about the UK but I can't help but feel that raising the two boys would be a better prospect in Canada vice the UK.

    What about higher education? Aren't fees rising on that? She, being a university grad, often touts this as a USP for the Uk, the free uni education. However, I do accept that being a former uni student, she is so far left she would make Lenin move seats in the pub out of embarrassment.
  10. You've listed the reasons - tons of outdoor space, things cost a lot less and a crime and chav free life. Taxes are pretty low from my understanding too, the food is very good as long as you don't want too much Cordo Bleu. However the yang to that ying is that Canada is feckin dull, feckin cold, feckin dark in winter, full of feckin Mosquitoes, a cultural wasteland unless you're interested in Raccoon head gear and 1/2 million miles from a beach where you can get a tan. No country is perfect my boy - despite what the Breadstealers and the Yanks try and tell you.

    If she wants a reason not to return to Blighty - The houses are minute. Everything is expensive, our children are basically feral, the taxes are outrageous, she would have to work rather than sit on her arse at home looking after the kids, the Education system sucks unless you have the cash to go private or find one of the few schools in the country not fucked up by 40 years of Communists in the teaching profession. Our health service sucks. Outdoor space is usually the size of a postage stamp.

    The advantages of living here are many too - Culture, affordable travel, decent money, good public transport, her friends, history, great Pub culture, fantastic restaurants at the cutting edge in London etc.

    Have you tried flipping a coin?
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  11. I moved from the UK to Canada in 2005. Initially, we lived in rural New Brunswick in a very isolated community. The reason was that was where the job I had a work permit for was. 18 months later, the wife and kids were not happy. The temptation to bin it was huge. We sat down and had a long hard think about things.

    18 months later, we live in the Ottawa area, still rural but not isolated. 3o minutes from downtown Ottawa and loving it.

    Couple of points to consider,

    There are loads of brits in this area. Not being a dick but brits do have a different outlook on some things and it's good to be able to off gas(moan) to a fellow brit.

    Is your wife working ? That helped my missus integrate in a big way.

    The big difference to me is :

    Far more opportunity here for the kids and us as a couple.
    Way better lifestyle.
    Cost of living is far better.

    On the odd day, I get all rosey eyed about the UK and begin to imagine that it would be all watching rugby down the pub with the lads, drinking beer and endless walks in the country with my dog. No snowstorms and ........ hang on.

    Truth is, the economy is fucked, people are generally pissed off and struggling to make ends meet. Crime is high as is food costs, heating and housing.

    After all that whinging, yes, I do miss bits about blighty but I know I'm much better off here.

    At the end of the day, try a different approach. Tell her to get in the kitchen and rattle the pots and pans. When she has done that, the driveway needs shovelling. Oh, spring is nearly here so the dog shit soup in the yard needs cleaning. Good luck with this approach, didn't work for me but worth a go.
  12. Bojangles - Not breaching persec but whereabouts are you? We are in Deep River, halfway between North Bay and Ottawa off Hwy 17. Here too are alot of brits, many of whom came to work for AECL after the war and settled. Our plan now is for me to finish my time in the Canadian Army and then go to the civvy fire service, preferably closer to an urban centre (ie 30mins-1hr away from a big city). She does love the country life, just not so fond of proper backwoods living.

    New Brunswick is a big option for us should I stay in the army, for as you may know that is where the canadian engineer school is. However, having spent 6 months of my life there on a section commanders course, the winters are arguably worse (30cm of snow mid-April???), the bugs are worse, there is even LESS than Ontario and so on, and culturally, well you'd probably have more fun and nightlife in a sewer than in small town NB.
  13. What about moving near Vancouver where it's warmer and very civilised.
  14. I'll PM you matey. Ottawa Fire Dept is a good go. They have just changed their schedule to an unbelievable cushy set up. They get close to 100k for eating pasta and wearing sun glasses.
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  15. send her back on a holiday here for a couple a weeks to see for herself how shit it is here, i would rip someone's arm off to get a job in Canada and settle my family.