Canada vs Canada

Discussion in 'Canada' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. First the France Canadians and now the Westerners?...

    The Mounties will have their work cut out for them...
  2. So that would mean a large majority - two thirds of the population - like being part of Canada..

    so I guess this is a nom-story , then...
  3. There is no surprise to this. British Columbia was tricked into Confederation anyway.

    Separation of the West would have been easier to accomplish when Trudeau was PM though
  4. Binning Quebec would be a unifying factor in Canada !
  5. Quebec is not the problem. the west, esp. Alberta is the problem. These fatherless cnuts watn horribly to be part of the US. I say let them go. They are not loyal to Canada for the most part.
  6. You kidding me? Like the rest of Canada wants to be associated with the Maritimes as well. Reckon you'd end up with "Western Socialist State of Canadia", "That bit in the middle no-one cares about", "The Greater People's Republic of Toronto", "French Canada" and "The Maritimes - we marry our close relatives"
  7. I was being tongue in cheek, the French Quebecer have been troublesome, whereas the rest are English speaking and have more in common with each other, if Alberta goes, then Canada goes, you would lose the "Sea to Sea" Nation, Northwest Territory is frozen for much of the year and is not easily passable when frozen, you need Alberta to be able to travel across.

    America would love to assimilate the provinces of Canada into the US, similar to the original war aims of 1812 ironically, bad idea, IMO you would lose the unique nation that is Canada and the Regimental system, which the US has none also you would probably lose the free medical care.

    Alberta is probably gripping because they contribute the greatest amount to the Federal fund, Quebec gets a lot of it, there does seem to be a need to readdress this and see how other provinces can contribute and make it worthwhile staying a part of Canada
  8. On a serious note they can't lose Alberta or the western provinces. Quebec *shrug* let them do whatever they like. I tend to think of Quebec as Scotland, only better skiing, worse language and even more irrelevant to the world. They can pout, stomp their feet, throw tantrums etc about wanting independence and being a great peoples blah blah bollox, but at the end of the day they rely on a financial lifeline from the rest of Canada.

    Having said that - I have a lot of respect for Romeo Delaire, a French Canadian, so maybe they're not all arrogant, selfish stupid cnuts like the rest I met...
  9. Old news. There have been separatists in Western Canada since me Dad's time.
  10. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme maudite affaire...
  11. id say canada would win hands down