Canada V USA

If i wanted to move to either country.

which would be the best for me ? 37 , single, no ties, own house, looking to get out of a rut and find a better life.

pro and cons from both side please.

medical care, Employments, lifestyle, women ! .

i will be visiting both countries and trying to make my mnd up.

or would i be better staying in UK ?

How about Thailand?

Cheap cost of living, pleasant weather if you like to sweat copiously, friendly inhabitants, diving to die for......the list is endless.

Oh...and you can fcuk like a Duracell bunny for a couple of quid. Woman, man, animal, vegetable, mineral etc.

Where's my travel brochure..........................


Half of Canada is French, that’s reason enough to avoid the country like the plague.
Americans are as thick as pig sh1t, you could rule like a king there with your superior British intellect.
...defo thick as pig sheit !!.....havnt met one who isnt, plenty of them in iraq to laugh at...americans that is.

I if you were going to go for a land to live in over the water, well defo Canada...good food good women and friggin good beer!
Grits? Heavens, no!!

Poutine.!.and, of course, Tim Horton's Doughnuts..and, yes, the beer is definitely better, plus as a loyal member of the Commonwealth, we stock all the best British beers as well...
We even have a nice piccie of HM on the money and we speak a much better class of the Queen's English..and, no, the French don't cover half of Canada, we keep them confined mostly to one province, when we don't send them down to Florida to bother Corp and ctauch....
depends on what line of work you are looking for, as to where you can go in the US.

There's nothing wrong with grits. If you want french just move to France, if you want hospitality move to the US, if you want dull cold and really cold move to Canada, and if you want warm, 6 months of dull (that's when the damn Canadians show up) then move to Florida. Just move to the west coast of Florida, Corporal lives on the east coast and has a goat fetish.

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