Canada V New Zealand, opinions needed.

Right then, had enough of this country, fed up with the way it's going down the tubes and I'm damn sure I'm not going to be some PC tree hugging little european who pays all his money to the government be it overtly or covertly through tax.

So I'm off. The question is Canada or New Zealand, I'm classed as a "critical skills shortage" immigrant in both countries and have taken and passed both government on line questionares. Canada appeals because of the vastness and quicker "get in" time, New Zealand appeals for the family life.

I'm looking at Alberta in Canada and South, south Island places in New Zealand...Oh, the skill I have that everyone seems short of, HGV1.

Anyone have any experiance in these places and give me a heads up?

Hopefully this is in the correct forum, if not Mods please feel free to move.
Serious, South NZ is a lovely place, south of Christchurch it's a little like Scotland meets Cornwall, very honest people, doors are not locked at night, good folk
Cheers for that, I'm sick and tired of this country and have just found out I have a skill that people are crying out for, the money being offered isn't bad either. I'm young enough (apparantly) to give immigration a crack so why not?
If you move to Canada then be prepared for the winters. It can get down to minus 40 with wind chill. The snow comes in November and stays till the end of March/begining of April. If you are into your winter sports then it is OK, especially here in Southern Alberta as the Rockies are only 3 hours away and some cracking skiing to be had.

Your also correct about the vastness, but its endless and very bleak especially when travelling across the country. To give you an idea of the size of the place it takes me 4 hours to fly from Calgary to Montreal (this journey is now getting tedious). The Ammo boat gets from Marchwood to Becancour in 7 days - it then takes 10 days for the train to get from Becancour to Calgary.

You will not be able to jump straight into a LGV across here there is some testing that needs to be done. I do not know if you would have to do a full test with some training or just a conversion. The trucks over here look the biz, but their breaking systems are poor, normally drums all round, so it takes alot of extra work from the driver and some serious brake fade on gradients - it is also common to be pulling 2 trailers with tractor unit, so i suspect that can get a little hairy at times especially with the Chinook winds that come rolling across the prairies.

Alberta is probably the best province to settle in as well. It is the richest province and you only pay Government Sales Tax (GST) of 6% on goods, other provinces also levy Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on goods which increases the cost of living.

I have enjoyed myself over here for the past 18 months, but i am posted soon and looking forward to getting back to blighty.
Been in Canada since 1982 lived in Alberta, yes the winters are cool but climate change is having some effect. Edmonton had no snow over christmas and I lived there 9 years and that never happened. Alberta is probably your best choice right now as it is booming but beware accomodation can be expensive and hard to find.
BC I think has weather closer to the uk if you are on the coast or Vancouver island as I am.
Everyone is on the behavioural resume and interview kick here so make sure you document everything you have done in civilian terms. Forget anything military as they don't give a rats about it here and ex military are though of as drunks etc and I worked with many ex brit army and canadian army.
You most likely will have to go back to school of some sort to get qualifications and experience they can understand here. I ended up going from being a VM in Germany to a Recreation officer looking after 300m worth of facilities. That after going to Uni here and no they are not easier than UK unis.
I would not move back to the UK, quality of live is so good here. Yes there are the same type of politicians, the healthcare is exceptional, clean air, great outdoors.


Alberta can be damned expensive to live in especially with immigrant labour being paid less and working longer (Sound familiar). My Brother in Law has invested heavily in property in that Province I only hope he doesnt lose it all when the oil sand runs out.
There are serious problems with driving in Alberta, some provinces make life difficult to get started its almost like trying to insure a sports car at 17!
NZ on the other hand outside of the cities is something else. If you can buy property in either country and rent them out you should have enough inconme to retire on!
We have driven all around Ontario and decided eventually that its NZ if we go at all.
Best of luck and keep us updated, remember in NZ they drive on the proper side of the road!
Many thanks for the replies folks. I think NZ wins, I'd (selfishly) choose Canada for me and driving but with a family to think off I think it's got to be the quality of life for the blobbettes first and foremost.


try the british expat forums, beware those that say theirs is better than anyone else though!
Been to both, have family in Canada (Brockville and Ottowa), and my best mate emigrated to SI of NZ 5 years ago.

I love Canada, but I'd vote NZ everytime. Further away from the septics (if you are worried about how things will go there), great outdoor life, and Christchurch is like an English town could be (without the chavs). The food is amazing and people are extremely friendly. The fishing is pretty tops too!

There is violence and crime (e.g. bike gangs), but compared to the UK it is light - just don't go challenging the Maori fellas to a brawl or putting bad tunes on the jukebox

Before I came to Belfast I was offered a post in Christchurch. I only turned it down because the pay was low - you need to take this into consideration.

I don't blame you at all for looking to make the move...


I have heard that the pay is generally low but so are employers expectations of the work force. I have mates who go regular and they work their way around the islands oddjobbing etc. Seem to do alright and as long as they leave every 6 or 9 months they are welcome back.
Mrs Ugly is considering opening a shop there but the gundog community is tiny compared even to Aus.
The big difference between Aus and Nz is like between town and country folk everywhere else.
My wiffes step brother is an editor for the Toronto star and when I explained our business plan to him he said no one would pay to shoot pheasants in canada. We did a straw poll at every gun and outdoor store in the province and he was so wrong.
Typical townie liberal leftie. I cant hold that against him though!
Gutted, some fella in NZ immigration has just told me they're changing the goalposts as of monday and they're not offering skilled employment status for class 1 drivers.......

Obviously they've got that covered. :(
New Zealand every time. Climate is a little better than the UK. Population doesn't believe in half the PC bullsh*t we have here. NZ is stunning and property prices are at least half what they are here. Was looking at picking up a 3 bedroom place in Golden Bay (NW of South Island) with 5 hectares for about £160k.

Taking that into account, if you are after any real city life you have a choice of 3 places (Wellington, Christchurch, or Auckland). Anywhere outside and you amy begin to feel a little cut off.

I'd recomend New Zealand to anyone but you have to know what you're after.
daviroo said:
What about the farking HUGE spiders?!!!
Canada also has spiders - Black Widow and Brown Recluse and when it gets cold the little buggers come inside.
Health care in Canada exceptional? I lived in Canada for 5 years. I loved the place and consider it a second home. But I'd sooner bite on a cyanide capsul than be subjected to their health care system again.


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